Footprints of our journey

This space has seen a lot of me and my life. It has evolved along with me from a naive girl to a strong woman. My relationship with my blog has been a cocktail of everything – obsession, ignorance, on-off indifference, love, hopelessness, affection and everything that comes with it.

The experimental phase 

I first started my blog in 2009 and fondly named it Alohomora – Yes, I was and am still a die-hard Harry Potter fan. I thought of it as a opening, a letting out of my thoughts. Little did I know that, that was just the beginning. I experimented with WordPress, Blogger, a free domain and then finally settled down with a domain of my own – Thanks to Hubby!

The journey, through time and tide

From Alohomora, when I moved to a new domain, I wanted a new name as well. I had not grown out of Harry Potter (I never will), just that I learnt to channelize my love for Harry Potter books in better ways (read: By doing re-runs of Harry Potter movies and comparing them to the books and whining how different they have made the movies and by reading the books over and over).

Anyway, I settled down on 0÷0 which is an undefined value. This name stuck with me for a long time as I didn’t want to define my space and put it into a container with a name. Yet. Instead, I just kept experimenting with how my blog should look.

What now?

Despite all this, the itch for a blog make-over kept haunting me time and again. And, I kept pushing it to the back of my mind. I love changing the look every now and then, the name if needed and the way I write as I evolve as a writer. I love exploring the many trends that you can fashion your blog with. So finally I yielded to the temptation and here I am, with a new name – Let’s play Boggle.

boggle header

Why this name?

The reason behind this name is my love for playing with words. I am not sure how many of you have heard of this game, Boggle. It is a word game that I loved as a child. It was the kick start for my mad love for Mad Libs, Word Mazes, Cows and Bulls, Scrabble and many such word plays. That’s what I connect with what I do on this space. I play with words and make them dance to my tunes, and sometimes vice-versa. I make fiction and non-fiction out of letters and words and after that, I leave it for you to read through and enjoy.

What changed?

Nothing changed and at the same time everything changed.

Throughout this journey, I brought all my posts right from the beginning as I trudged forward. Not even once have I thought of ditching something that I wrote and starting entirely afresh. Yes, however amateur, kiddish my past writings might sound now, it’s all a part of me – the me whom I once was. I won’t promise the journey won’t go through any more bends or turns. As life takes me forward, I will change and so will my blog. And I welcome you all to join me on this beautiful journey. Welcome to my space. Happy reading!