Hello! I’m Keirthana 🙂 Welcome to my website.

I am a technical author at Canonical. I am an engineer by chance and a writer by choice. I enjoy technical writing and creative writing equally. I also love playing around with visual design tools whenever I get a chance.

I am married to my childhood sweetheart (featured in my writing as Adit), whom I have known almost all my life. I am also a mother spending her time being happy and at the same time terrified about parenting. Our little princess (featured in my writing as Aditi), growing fast and furious, teaches me new lessons in ways that I cannot imagine.

Until I became a mother, I spent a lot of time reading – mostly fiction, cleaning, organizing, writing, blogging at Reflections, trying out paper art, and spending lazy weekends indulging in debates about theism and atheism, society, feminism, karma and other seemingly important worldly and unworldly concepts with Adit. Now, I seem to have time only to shuttle between my roles – wife, mother, caregiver, working woman. Occasionally, when I am able to squeeze in some ‘me’ time, I mostly end up cooking something for our daughter or watching a movie or a show or oh yeah, sleeping (how can I forget sleeping :D).

Some trivia about me:

I believe in love, life, and karma.

I wear my heart on my sleeve.

I am opinionated and give my all for something I believe in.

I seek comfort in food, sleep, and sometimes a good cry.

I am an atheist who doesn’t still have all the answers yet.

I am a hopeful caregiver, a loving wife, and a clueless parent.

I plan and organize obsessively.

I like to read, write, watch movies and shows for entertainment.