Behind the Screen

Let’s have some spotlight, shall we?

It’s hard to define me with a few labels, but for your sake, I will try. I am an engineer by chance since that’s what people in India do when they have not yet figured out who they want to become. Eventually, I did figure out who I wanted to be and I am happy for that. As a person, there are many shades to me – a passionate reader and writer, an incurable romantic, an agnostic who does not believe in forcing one’s opinions/practices/beliefs on others, a feminist who believes in equality and hence will give a hard smack on the head to anybody who says feminism is only about superiority over men, an obsessive compulsive organizer, mom’s pet, a child at heart and the list goes on.

I am an extrovert when I want to be one. I fantasize a lot but I know when it’s time to face reality. When life pushes me down, I pick myself up, dust myself and move on. I am a survivor and a hard-built one at that. I am fiercely possessive about my identity and will never give it up for anything or anyone. Ask me to change something about myself for no reason, or even worse, for forcing some stupid, logic-less, blind belief that you have, on me – I will bite your head off. Oh yes, I will! I believe in fighting for my right to be myself.

How it all started?

I am an avid reader since my teens and I believe in reading anything regardless of whether it is a new/old/borrowed/bought book, a kindle, a mobile, a torn newspaper or even if it’s on your t-shirt. Yes, I read anything and everything simply because I can’t help it.

This love for reading led me to writing, I’m grateful for that. I write what I feel. That’s about it. No strings attached. My journey through this blog has gone through a million make-overs and has evolved to unimaginable extents. I started writing to get rid of the excess time at hand during college and then blog-hopped until my eyes turned red. That’s when I discovered this whole new world where everything that rhymes with blog sounded fancy. The love that started then has not yet faded.

However, as years passed by, the blogging world changed so much that I didn’t really connect with a lot of aspects to it like writing for marketing campaigns poorly disguised as writing contests, writing communities that were about nothing other than shameless self-promotion and writing to attract traffic to the blog even if it is mindless comments and equally mindless replies to those comments. I understand that there are people out there who build a living out of blogs and that’s what they truly want to do. I even tried my hand at each of these to see what it’s all about. But soon I realized that’s not what I want in writing and that it will never last for me that way. So that’s when I took a break for a few months from blogging, cleared my head, drew inspiration from few like-minded bloggers and took a snap decision. I unpublished my blog page on Facebook and disabled comments on the site. The only thing that should motivate me to write is the urge to write about something.

Anything else?

I write at Reflections and share some or all of them on my timelines in social media at my own whim. If you are interested, you can subscribe to this blog using the widget on the right pane of my blog page. I don’t do ads and commercialism in this space.

If you want to know more about my blog and our journey together, do visit our footprints. Also, don’t miss out the finer print.

If you want to talk to me about any feedback, you can mail me at keirthana[dot]psg[at]gmail[dot]com.

As you read through my blog and follow my journey through this space, you will learn more about me than anything else I can write about myself. Happy reading!