(2009 – present)

I started this blog in 2009 when I was still in college and had a lot of time to experiment and explore. And explore, I did. It started out as a naive college girl’s online journal talking about internships, project troubles, and random thoughts everyday. Back then, I really didn’t know why I wanted a blog or what to do with it. As I moved from college life to corporate life, I learnt more by blog hopping and the world excited me like nothing else.  But still, I hadn’t learnt my lessons. After trying some makeovers, writing unnecessary promos, toying with the idea of anonymous blogging, moving across blogging platforms, worrying about readership, vying for blogging awards and such for a long time, I had an epiphany – that none of them matter to me. This epiphany came fairly quickly but acceptance did not. So I took intermittent breaks trying to understand my relationship with writing and owning a blog.

So after a long evolution, I finally believe I have my heart for writing in the right place. Now, the posts I write at Reflections are just that – my reflections about a variety of things ranging from my  opinions, late night poetry, some things that catch my fancy at an instant, and some other things that I want to write about. The older posts are still there showing me a shadow of my own self, but nevertheless a part of me and this blog. On days when I need a good dose of life and laughter, I revisit posts that I wrote those days and wonder about who I was. But I am grateful for one thing throughout – the improvement in my writing and what I have learnt in this journey.

Since the day I started this blog, blogging has given me quite a few ways to express myself. Inspired writing, ranting, writing that surprisingly makes sense in many different manifestations over time, writing senseless posts back when I thought Chetan Bhagat’s novels were the coolest and Twilight books were the most romantic (What was I even thinking??), writing to clear my thoughts, abstract writing – whatever it was, writing it in this blog has made me feel more confident about expressing myself. I write to make sense of this life, what it means in general and to me, what I delude myself into feeling that I go through, what I actually go through, and such. I just write to make sense of it all. Most times, writing gives me the clarity that nothing else does. And that’s the reason I like writing. I guess that’s also the reason why this blog has stayed up so long even after long, albeit intermittent, periods of inactivity.

So, I write what I write for the pure pleasure that is writing. And as a reader, you can choose to read if my writing interests you and leave feedback only if you truly want to. Happy reading!