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Action Replay – March, April & May 2015

I cannot believe that I missed 2 months of action replay. Anyway better late than never. Moreover, the past 3 months have been in the same dimension for me.

March, April and May saw me working with new challenges at work. I was scared silly when I was given a very critical project to complete, 6 months into my new career path, but I am glad it happened. I learnt a lot in the process, tried the tips and tricks of the book, discovered some on my own and finally finished the task successfully. It was just an interim task but I was so happy to have done it seamlessly. And it got recognized and now I have been assigned to handle the same task full time. This requires a lot more patience, knowledge and niche skill. I am happy that I have a challenge that I love to confront and hope this it turns out for the good.

Apart from taking on work related challenges, furnishing our new flat has been eating into my time more with each passing day. Man, buying a new home and setting it up for living is no mean task. I can’t even imagine how people construct houses from scratch and set it up. Looking into every detail right from the wood to be used to the hinges and handles, going over the design time and again, supervising the work almost every day to make sure things are done the right way – it’s tiring but when it takes shape, it’s oddly satisfying. After all that hard work, it’s heartening to see the house take shape into our dream home. The bad thing in handling things by ourselves is that we get a lot of free advice, when to move in, what to do, how to do. While some of it are good suggestions, a lot of them are just, well, free advice with no logic whatsoever. So, I have made my mind to take in only the sensible ones and learn by experience. No matter what others say, I have decided that I will set up the house into a home – ready to live in and then move in. Going there and handling patch works is not something I have time for. I will rather take more time to finish all the works before I move in. So whatever others say, I am going to do this my way. Whether it works for me or not is something I am willing to learn by experience. So all the people who offer expert opinions on the entire process of buying a new home and moving in (some without even experiencing it themselves), please don’t. Just don’t.

There’s a lot you learn in life when you do things yourself and I have learnt that big time. That’s the most valuable lesson of my life in these 3 months. True indeed that sometimes, the monotony of handling a household, a hectic job and working for a new home gets to me. There have been times when I felt like I needed a break from everything. At such times, the inspiration and motivation that pushes me to get over this is my loving husband. Venting out to him and analyzing how I can prioritize my tasks helps a lot. Thanks to such wonderful husbands that women of this day are able to breathe a little easier in spite of our hectic schedules.

June’s here already and I can’t believe half of 2015 is gone. I am looking forward to a healthy and challenging part of the year where I get to fit my pieces of the puzzle. So far, the year’s been good and I am grateful for that. All I pray for going forward is the strength to handle anything and good health for us. The rest, I think I can handle. How was your half year? What do you expect this June?

Until later 🙂

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January : Gearing up

Here goes the month of January 2015 in our anniversary year, the final month followed by the big reveal of what I gifted hubby today :)


Dear Adit,

New year started out quite well but we were in different places when the clock struck 12. Well, I blame destiny for it. We had to make do with the phone calls that started a bit before 12 so that no one else wishes us a happy new year before each of us could wish the other. It reminded me of all those late night phone calls with which we survived during college days 🙂

You joined your new job and I missed all our IM conversations, our lunch and fights over who is making it late for work everyday. We had made personalized calendars with some of our memories on display for each month. It came out so well that we made one each for adorning our work stations 🙂 I kept looking back at how different life was one year back. All the tension surrounding the marriage, the arrangements for the marriage, phew! We can safely say we have never had such an exhausting phase so far in our lives. It made me question all the societal norms and the associated hype about having to get married to be with the one you love.

The month gave me a parting gift in the form of a blogger meet arranged by Indiblogger and ASUS. I was so thrilled and you were ever so encouraging. It was my first meet ever and the experience had me rambling about the bloggers I met, the activities that we participated in, for the next couple of days. As January picked up pace, so did our lives and we geared up and are all set for another exciting year together.

On the whole, January was back in style to show us that life maybe unfair, but it’s good nevertheless!

And did I tell you? I love you 😉




This ends the series of love letters that I have been writing to my hubby as a gift for our wedding anniversary. So far, despite being a Monday and having to work, the day has been a good one for us. I made Gulab Jamun all by myself for the very first time and all our colleagues happily gobbled them up. But being a newbie, I didn’t know how much to make and ended up making twice the number than we actually need. So right now I have a huge box of Gulab Jamuns left tempting me to forget my weight woes and give myself a treat.

We took off a couple of hours from work in the afternoon for a lunch date 😉 And the evening awaits us with its magic. I got a Kindle Paperwhite from hubby long back which was technically supposed to be our anniversary gift. So today’s gift was a gorgeous Kundan jewelry set 😀 And here’s my gift to him, I saw this one on twitter and was hooked to the idea – The 365 jar! It appealed to me as extremely romantic. And moreover, it’s not a gift that’d get over in one day. It’s a gift of sorts everyday till our next anniversary.

tumblr_nhvuouECVW1u25jz6o1_500Image source: tumblr.com

When I thrust this into his hands first thing today morning, all he could do in his drowsy state was stare at it wordlessly. But I am not the one to let go without a reaction, hence I prodded him awake and demanded what he thought of it and you know what he said? It’s so like you!! I was like, “do I take this as a compliment or an insult?” And his reply was “As a compliment, of course!”  And that’s all I am ever gonna need my love 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S: This also counts as my action replay post for January since this is pretty much that happened!

Action Replay – 2014


Throughout 2014, I saw bloggers around me writing monthly replay posts and have always thought of joining the club but never got around to. Today as I am lazing at my parents’ place, with mom around to take care of me, pampering me with her food, I thought why not start the trend with a replay of this year and carry it on to the new year. Today is the last day of this year which has been a roller coaster ride with many highs for me. I thank 2014 wholeheartedly for all that it gave me,ending a lot of my troubles and starting a few afresh – but then, that’s life. 2014 ended what some very critical troubles which were started by the previous years and gave me a makeover in many aspects. This post lists the most significant ones – good, bad or ugly they may be, they all gave me something important.

[Not in any chronological order]

  • I got married to the love of my life in February and if that doesn’t make my year, I don’t know what will! 😀
  • I had a major role change and domain change when I switched jobs this November. There was a lot of confusion and hesitancy around the switch as people kept discouraging me from doing what I love. But after a lot of pondering and discussions with hubby, I took the leap and so far it looks like a right decision. Hope it stays that way!
  • I got my Honda Activa gifted by my bro for my wedding. It’s a huge blessing and helps me get a lot of things done that I sometimes feel that I don’t appreciate it enough.
  • A cute bundle of joy in the form of my nephew came along in November and we named him Pranav. 🙂 I am so happy for my bro and may god bless  the family with tons of blessings. I miss the little dude so much since he is in USA and I can’t see him in person any sooner. I console myself by looking at his pics twice a day.
  • I took up the responsibility of running a home as me and hubby stay alone in Bangalore. It was and is tiring but I like it. I am a huge control freak and having the responsibility of keeping things perfect and trying to improvise all the time gives me a high. [Hubby takes full advantage of it and happily lets me do all the work while he enjoys special time with his toys gadgets 😛 :D]
  • This year marked so many weddings that as 2014 ends,I can say most of the people in my circle are hitched. We are transitioning into a generation of our own while kids are calling us aunties and uncles. 😮 😐
  • We lost a grandfather who was so loved and dear. He lived a great life and was the epitome of perfection. We thank him for setting a model for us, showing us how well to live life. We wish him serenity as his soul explores higher dimensions than physical existence.
  • I read a lot of books this year and with Kindle Paperwhite aiding me, there’s a definite increase in my reading and I am glad.
  • We booked a flat of our own which we should be moving into this year. We have put a lot into making this our little nest – a lot of decisions were made based on this, a lot of compromises and sacrifices were made for this. Hoping that life will continue to shower us with its blessings. *Fingers Crossed*
  • Hubby’s health issues are toned down and I pray earnestly that the coming years should be nothing but an improvement.

That’s about it! I am so excited about starting 2015 and I am sure you all are too. So signing off my last post of the year with a warm wish to all you. Wish you all a very happy new year! May 2015 be a better year for all of us, making the world a better place, letting us carry on the legacy to the coming years.

Until later 🙂