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A perfect gift

Dear Aditi,

Just in time for our 4th anniversary, you come as the perfect gift
Shining like the sun, you are an instant hit
Blessed we are, to have been through this journey!

Baby doll, you are the life that brings us lessons
You are the soul that teaches us acceptance
You are the light that guides us to our purpose!

Thank you for choosing us, princess! 🙂


Also, here is a little something I wrote for your dad during the last few days of my pregnancy. We were scared and this was an attempt to reassure ourselves.


Amidst all the chaos and troubles,
Together we created something,
Something that is as beautiful,
As wonderful and as unpredictable,
As life itself.

This life that blossoms from within us,
With a spark of its own, marked as us and ours,
Truly makes our journey remarkable,
The one that we started all those years ago,
Blissfully unaware of what we had set out to do.

Just the two of us might fade into a shadow, but
Only to be replaced by the beauty of the three of us.
There’s only going to be more of you
And hence more of my love for you
So there’s nothing missing out.

Let’s walk into this lane of our journey,
Hand in hand, just as innocently,
As blissfully, and as ignorantly,
As we did all those years ago deciding to be together forever,
For life will teach and take care of us,
Just as it has all these years now.


Until later 🙂

The waiting game

I am officially bored. With the impending arrival of a little one, the waiting game gets harder with each day and although I have multiple visits to my OBGYN, walking, writing, reading (My reading peaked this month as I had little else to do and I finished reading 7 books in a go that I figured I should slow down so that I don’t spend all our money on books and go broke when the little one arrives 😉 I am taking my time with the 8th book of the month on purpose), doing a bit of this and that at home, trying to work from home to save up my leaves as much as possible, none of these keep me occupied enough mentally. Yes, the waiting game has started and my impatience is not helping. While the multiple online forums and pregnancy apps tell me this is a normal thing for a mom-to-be and to relax while I can, that’s the last thing I seem to be able to do.

Other than sleepless nights and waddling like a duck around the house, nothing seems to fill my days. Sleepless nights are a funny one though. It’s not that the little one troubles me and hence I am unable to sleep. It is just me. Sometimes I wake up smack in the middle of the night and feel fresh without an ounce of sleepiness. I sit up, tired of all the sleeping on the sides and stare at the sleeping hubby (maybe envying his sleep a little). As he sleeps on with his peaceful face looking adorable, that evil thought of waking him up slips away and I spend some time in watching him sleep. Not to mention he has been creeped out the few times he stirred in his sleep and woke up to see me sitting and watching him. I assure him that nothing is wrong with me or the little one and that I just can’t sleep. There have been nights where I have written poetry about the two of us, the little one, and our life during these midnight sessions. Just for the want of doing something. Ironically though, the mornings are more difficult with sleep coming in and me struggling to wake up even at 8:30 AM. I just get up feeling ravenous and starved. So it’s get up, brush and then gobble up what mom cooked for breakfast. Thanks to her, I have something ready to eat when I get up!

And then there are nights when I just sit and think about how our life is going to be in the future. Yes, a life-changing thing and all. Yes, everyone says so. Yes, I know so. But still the experience is yet to happen. The uncertainty brings on a smile on my face and a fear in my heart. I think about my family, my job, imagine scenarios with Adit playing the dad and all that my hormone-riddled mind can come up at 2 AM in the night. These are times when I wonder that maybe I should have more 2 AM friends. The one I have sleeps beside me and I don’t have the heart to wake him. I need more options!

Pregnancy brain is quite funny, let me tell you. On some days I am quite content and in spite of the huge bump, having to walk around even when I have no energy or motivation, I find silver linings in the day and smile. On other days, I crank up the heat, cribbing about how bored I am and how scared I am. Relatives calling me every other day expecting an update don’t help either. These calls just increase my impatience. I have still a week to go for my due date, people! Don’t feed my impatience! I understand the care and concern, but the ball is pretty much in the baby’s court and not mine. So if you have issues, take it up with the little one upon arrival.

I don’t know what plans this baby has, whether to make a dramatic entry, with no symptoms till the last day and then suddenly whoosh into the world or otherwise. Whatever it is, I hope I get the acceptance to let things happen in their own way.

Until later 🙂

Broken promises

Your words lie scattered around me
In my dreams, in reality, on paper and in my memories
I keep asking myself, was any of them true?
Even for that one instant when they escaped your lips
This hurt tells me a story, one that oozes with my trust
And its broken heart, and of course, your broken promises.

Your mirages surround me all day
Morning, noon and night, when I am asleep and awake
I don’t expect any respite from your ghosting
It’s all my own making, I know that very well
This pain tells me a story, one that drips with my love
And its broken wings, and of course, your broken promises.

Your memoirs fill my room, nook and corner
Without the heart to throw them out,
And without the heart to look at them either
I shut my eyes and think of the world as a dark tunnel
This blind sight tells me a story, one that stinks of my denial
And its persistence, and of course, your broken promises.

Your fragrance is still on my bed sheets,
Reminding me of the warmth and cosiness,
Illusions I know, but comforting ones nevertheless
I curl a bit more inside them, hoping it would all come back
This smell tells me a story, one that screams of my hope
And its vanity, and of course, your broken promises.

All those broken promises, swirl around me
As broken shards of glass turning my world into dust
I only wish when this storm clears, it clears away all of you
All of you, your memories and of course, your broken promises
Because I do not want to surrender, you know
Not to your broken promises!

Being broken is not a crime, Staying that way is!

Do you agree? How do you like this post?

Until later 🙂

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Face your fears

Fear has two meanings – Forget everything and run, Face everything and rise. The choice is yours. ~ Zig Ziglar

Too tired to defend me from myself
For once, let me tell the truth as it be
Here it comes, brace thyself
Am afraid that life will take you away from me.

Everyone has this, you say?
That does not make it any different
Willing me to sway?
I try hard everyday but mostly I am spent.

But again, here I am telling out the truth bitter
It’s hard, this acceptance of my fear
Though, it does make me feel a bit better
Hope inner peace is a bit near.

Nobody’s escaping this life
Neither me, nor you
We might as well live with a high five
And let life stew.

Want it or not
Everyone has their own story written out
Like it or not
No use,to cry or to pout

True that, let me face my fear
For all I care, let worry take a hike
Not a word from it, I will hear
May happiness and hope spike.

Until later 🙂

Book Review: The Confession

Book: The Confession
Author: John Grisham
Genre: Thriller
No. of pages: 418
My rating: 5/5

An innocent man is about to be executed.
Only a guilty man can save him.

I had this book lying around for a long time, never knowing why I didn’t pick it up. On an impulsive day and in a reading frenzy, I picked this up and found myself racing through the pages. I finished it in 2 days and it was absolutely worth the experience. I like crime and legal thrillers but sometimes find them placing disturbing images in my mind. The Confession did have such disturbing scenarios but I would say Grisham has used it sparingly only to support the plot and explain the context.

This is a book in which John Grisham is at what he does best, a legal thriller. Keith, a lutheran minister is unwillingly pulled into a race against time to save an innocent man from death penalty. Will he succeed? And then there are men like Travis Boyette who are hardened criminals who lie, change their minds like switching shirts, and never change. However, only Travis Boyette can save the innocent Donte Drumm from death penalty for a murder that Donte did not commit. Travis chooses Keith as his solution and pulls him into a roller coaster ride.

Does Keith succeed in saving Donte? Does Travis change and feel remorse? Who helps the duo in their race to Donte? There are so many characters involved and so many questions that arise. But Grisham deals with all of them deftly. The book is gripping to the point where the plot decides what Donte’s fate is and then from there, it takes a much more legal and a social view of what happens due to a wrongful conviction. What is at stake? So many people involved in a wrongful conviction, in so many ways. Are they able to live with it? Do they regret or are they worried only about saving themselves? The book offers closure on all these aspects.

As the plot grew, I encountered one too many characters but it did not have a tiring effect. The characters were unique and held different threads of the story together. I cannot blame Grisham for going into detail about some of the characters, we need it to understand how extreme humans can get. The gripping fact that what happens will happen shook me when Grisham threw the bombshell more than halfway through the book and my first reaction was that of being let down. But in his own style Grisham took the story forward and made me realize and accept that no matter what happens, life goes on. There are also places where the book strongly portrays the injustice of life in itself and how cruel people and time can get.

The only thread left till the last page is whether death penalty should be legal. There is another thread of whether death penalty is right or wrong. But that debate will go on even beyond the pages of this book.

Until later 🙂

P.S: A version of this review is also posted on Goodreads.

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