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To the missing day!

This post is a toast to the day that comes every 4 years and an awesome guy who was born on that day in 1984!

To the best bro in the world,

As every non-leap-year February ends, I am confused of how and when to wish you a happy birthday. It doesn’t feel like your birthday. Feb 28 is not your birthday nor is March 1. Your day is as special as you – the 29th of Feb. Mom has told me that she was in labor almost 1 full day when she gave birth to you. She was admitted to hospital on Feb 28 but you made her wait until the next day 😉 To be born on that special day that comes only every four years on calendar. Remember how I used to nag mom about why she did not give birth to me on such a special day? 🙂

It was so much fun growing up with you. Remember how we used to play tag in the lengthy halls of our monumental home? The piggy back rides you used to offer in exchange for me not telling on you.. All those snacks you tricked me into sharing with you after having finished your share already.. All those running around to avoid beatings from mom after our fights – Actually, it was you running around and me getting caught! All those sneak sessions when we steal snacks from where mom had hidden them. All those crazy nick names and funny faces you came up with to annoy me. Those days when you were crazy about Rajinikanth – specially his film ‘Basha’. Remember when you used to yell ‘Basha!!!’ (imitating the background score of the movie) all of a sudden and cause me and mom to jump up?

Pestering grandpa for the macaroons that he buys specially for us (well, actually you! I always had the feeling that you were grandpa’s favorite.) was yet another pass time. He used to take only you to the movies, while I wail my lungs out refusing all explanations from mom that I am too young to go to the movies. The school days when you used to feel awkward acknowledging that you had a little sister to look after! Well, you were in that adolescent age when your friends’ opinions mattered more and you feared they might tease you for some or the other thing that I do 😛 Remember how you tried to teach me Maths and I would nod along every time even though I didn’t understand a word? That went well until you asked me to solve a problem after teaching me once and my pretense went down the drain.

As if in return, you used to be stiff about English and I got through English exams so easily. Dad used to tease you saying that when you prepared for the English exam, even Shakespeare would come down from the skies to help you. You used to shout your lungs out that much in the process of learning ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Remember how many hundreds of times you recited that one sentence ‘I watched more carefully that time where the second arrow fell’? How much ever I tried, I could never forget that sentence in my life 😛

I always wonder how you got off dad’s hook and I got caught every single time. Any time we do some mischief together, dad’s entry would be just after you finished it. Seeing you do it, I would have just started to try it out – Bam! Dad would enter, I would get the scolding and you would do the smirking!

I don’t remember the day we stopped fighting, do you? I guess the transition was phased out, maybe as you went off to college. You used to come home once a while and we didn’t have enough time to even catch up on each others’ lives and slowly fighting was off the list. During your college days, you used to have different interests every time you came home. It was singing (read yelling :P), then dancing, then gym, then something else… But the bottom line was whatever thing it was you were experimenting I was always the patient audience (also the experimental rat :P) for your shows. I still remember that day when you showed me how a dance step was done in a certain movie and when mom entered the room suddenly, you immediately sat down cross-legged and started pretending as if you were doing nothing! I was/am your confidante always and I am proud of it! 😛 You used to tell stories about your college life while I pressed your legs. You owe me many one rupee coins for those leg-pressing sessions, you cheater! 😛 How naïve and silly of me to think of getting a one rupee from you in return for pressing your legs.

We have always had a different relationship unlike most brothers and sisters. We never wished each other properly on occasions, never got each other surprise gifts. We would just have a hard time mumbling ‘Happy Birthday’ to each other. And when the whole world goes crazy around Raksha Bandan, we don’t even wish each other and the greatest part is we both don’t think we need a specific day to protect our bond. Remember that day when I went off to college? As per family tradition, I got blessings from all the elders of our home and dad asked me to get from you too. Though awkward, I tried to touch your feet and get blessings (for the sake of dad’s peace) and you jumped up and down as if you had seen a rat. 😛 Formalities are just not for us! We can just be ourselves around each other without all these.

Ahhhh… To remember all these, it gives an elated feeling. I could go on writing. No amount of words would be enough to finish writing about you. Happy Birthday Anna! I have to wait 2 more years to wish you on your actual birth date! 😛

Hope this long mushy post makes up for all the 24 years that I have known you!  Wishing you a happy birthday as you finish 29 successful years. Wish you get all that you dream for in life. You are the best bro in the world!


I am posting after 23:59 hrs and before 00:00 hrs, the closest I can get – somewhere between 23:59 hrs of 28th Feb and 00:00 hrs of 1st March lies hidden, my bro’s birthday for this year 🙂

Until later,
Keirthana 🙂


He has been one person who has fought, played,shared with me, cared for me and doing so till now.

He has been there to adore me in my tottering days.

He has been there for me to fight with, when I was in a bad mood.

He has been there for me to play with, when I prefer to be entertained.

He has been there for me to share my secret mischiefs.

He has been there to tease me and call me by names.

He has been there to silently care for me till now.

He has been there to advise me when I needed a bit of tinkering.

He has been there to teach me stuff, which seemed like Greek and Latin to me.

He has been there for me to give an insight about stuff before I try it.

He has been a person whom I admire so much.

He has been with me since 20-10-1988 (Yeah, since I was born).

He is  one special person to me, who is as special as his birthday(29 Feb).

He is the one who’s “My” brother!

Proud to have such a bro 🙂