I have been toying with the idea of anonymity just as AK has been for a while. However, I guess he is on a totally different plane than me changing the usernames now and then :P.

What I want is to blog under a pen name. I need this to let go of some of my inhibitions. You can call me shy or timid, but I know I am not that. Then why don’t you write whatever you want in this blog, you ask? I am a diplomatic person (Of course, being a Libra). For me things need to be in equilibrium. I don’t prefer controversies.

This blog was started way back and can be easily found by googling my name. Most of my friends, colleagues and family know I write here and this blog has been in my mail’s signature for a while now. Whether any of these people remember and visit is not my bother. I am a person who wants to tell her opinions but at the same time exert caution. It’s because I’m a bit wary of the internet and it’s antics. This might not seem reason good enough for you but it is for me. I accept that I need a veil to shout out my opinions through. Not always, sometimes.

Much like the veil women make out of shawls to protect their faces from the pollution. This analogy suits my situation well because when we cover our faces, our eyes- the source of truth will be visible. The truth in my writing will remain the same. The add-on will be a few things which I don’t write here due to some necessary inhibitions. [I don’t write if I can’t be honest and explicit. I won’t polish it off as something else just because I want to write about it but at the same time want to be hidden too] So let me plough on.

There are 3 hurdles for me and they are the reasons that I am toying with the idea for a while instead of going ahead with it.

1. This blog has been and is very dear to me and I feel that it should not be sidetracked when I start a new one. I think I can make this one work if I am focused.

2. I want a good name for the new blog and a nice URL to go with it. And I want that to be satisfactory for me so that I never feel I should change it. I don’t need any fancy ones but I need something that I feel is okay. Because with this blog, I changed the names and URLs many times until I settled down, much to the annoyance of my friends 😉 So still thinking of something that will suit my mind. This one too will work out if I put my mind to it.

The next is a head-breaker for me.

3. I want to keep my reader base whom I got to know by blogging. No, not for the popularity. I just don’t want to lose the opinion of some of the best people who I know via blogging. You guys are wonderful people, writers and critics that I want you to know about it. You have molded me into the writer I am and I am grateful for that. You guys know me by my writing ever since the beginning. That’s the way you will still know me under a pseudo name too. But if I do that, the purpose of anonymity is lost. I feel that’s a small compromise since I feel it’s okay for these people to know that its me out there under that pen name. So I am thinking of a way to let you guys know about my other blog if I do go through with this plan. Actually any suggestions on this will be helpful.

Thinking hard…. 🙂

Until later 🙂