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Dance with the words

A wise man once told me “A writer should always be impartial” and that got me thinking. Are we really impartial? We have our own spaces to write what we want and we have to admit that sometimes emotions climb up to the top priority and not the check on the bias in thoughts. I would be lying if I say all the posts I write are impartial. The perspective does creep in a bit now and then. As for me, being impartial is the mark of a great writer. To reach there, one needs a lot of shaping, tinkering and chiseling to be done to the way we think.

There are two kinds of writing – the one where we possess words and dictate their flow and the one where words possess us and dictate the flow of our thoughts. Perspective creeps into both forms although it comes through the former way more than the latter.

Possession over words comes with great thinking and effort. We dictate how we want to convey what we think. We refine every word to show or hide what is portrayed before our vision. The feeling of complete command over what is written is good but it never gets as ecstatic as the next form. When the words possess us, the feeling is inexplicable. It is as if we are taken for a roller coaster ride, thoughts come screaming out, we don’t bother how the writing would be received, we just write. Nothing else. Just write. And when we do that, nothing else matters.

Such is the power of words, that they dance to your tune and make you dance to their tune. When the chords sync, your heart is filled with joy.  I would say writing is an experience everyone must try at some level. Any level at which you are comfortable with. Be it a diary or a blog or a journal or a published book. Give it a try. Let your thoughts shape up. When you see the final picture, irrespective of how others think, there will be light in your heart.

Until later 🙂

I must say it was a pretty good hibernation period for me. The past few months. I was away from the blogging world and twitter (Pretty much the only 2 social networks I am on). But I was neither lazy nor busy. I was doing certain things and was not doing certain other things. Productivity as usual took a hit 😛  I want to thank the people who really stuck it out with me and supported me through comments. It meant a lot!

I was out there doing some projects in freelance writing and trying to figure out how to shape it out. That’s when life made me realize I need to mix and match. If you know enough about me, you would probably know my nature. I need a lot of things to keep me interested. Out of the big list that I come across, only few stay and those few really keep me hooked. I read that this nature is typical of a Libra but how much truth to attribute to that is up to personal opinions. So I am taking it in the stride.

Started watching How I Met Your Mother and I cannot justify why I didn’t start before. For more than 6 months, I had the episodes in my hard drive but never got past the first one. I don’t know why. Suddenly out of nowhere, I just started watching and kept going on. If F.R.I.E.N.D.S taught me about life and friendship in a way that I can relate to very much, HIMYM is teaching me life in a very real yet philosophical way which also has a romantic tinge because it is narrated by such a character. Being the die-hard romantic fan, it suits me. 🙂

Started with a reading list of Agatha Christie’s. Usually I tend to cover as many books as possible by an author I liked. Now it is the time for the queen of crime.

So that’s about it and I will keep them coming. 🙂

Until later 🙂

Clearing up the dues ;)

Hey all,

How have you been? Phew! After catching up with all the fellow blogs and commenting, I must say, I am exhausted. Such a back log I had created without properly staying on this space ever since 2012 started. Blame it on life, shifting cities etc. I am really sorry that I let life affect my blogging this much, but since it’s been done, I can’t do anything much than to let go. Well, there are 2 major dues for me to clear up. One is writing a guest post for DIGS. She had asked me in Feb ’12 for one and here I am in July ’12. Forgive me girl! I have the first draft of it ready. A few touches here and there and I will mail it 🙂 The next is D‘s tag. She had tagged me in March ’12 and I never knew that she did. Anyway found it out while re-visiting all the blogs and thought even if it is late I will take it up 🙂 So that’s what this post is about 🙂

The tag goes like:

Rule#1: Put the rules on your blog.

Rule#2: Every person who is tagged in this activity should tell 11 things about themselves, then answer the questions asked by the person who tagged you, then tag 11 other people and ask them 11 different questions.

Rule#3: Let the people whom you tagged know you’ve done so.

Rule#4: Don’t tag anyone who’s been tagged before.

Rule#5: Really do tag 11 others, don’t go all ”if you want to take this tag”

So here I go:

11 things about myself:

1. I cannot dance. Whenever I think of even an involuntary movement to my favorite music, suddenly the involuntary feeling vanishes and I am very aware of my arms and legs. So for the good of the world, I can never dance.

2. I am a melody fan. Time and again, I have convinced myself that I like all kinds of music, but sadly the truth is I keep returning to melodies more than I do to other genres.

3. I am a situational extrovert. I was a complete extrovert few years back but life changed me. So you can never know if I am the shy type or the talkative type. It depends on how much I trust you.

4. I have a personal space where I allow none but 3 people in my life. That circle is meant for them and none else can come in. If others try too much to become a part of that circle, I consider it as an invasion.

5. Uncertainty freaks me out. I know life is uncertain throughout but I cannot help it. I try to meticulously plan everything though I know life will slap me in the face.

6. I don’t like to borrow much and I don’t like to lend much. Unavoidable situations are fine but when it comes to people who make borrowing a habit, I can’t stand them.

7. Really short-tempered. This has a two-fold meaning. I get angry quickly and I get back normal pretty quickly. The duration of both my patience and anger is really short.

8. The best place for me would be at my home, in my room, with a book from my mini-library.

9. I love games where you can win eventually i.e., the ones that don’t put a time limit for completing the level.

10. I cry my eyes out on seeing sad movies, not even sad movies, give me the slightest trouble in the story and there would be tears in my eyes.

11. I cannot get on any of those high rides in a fair/theme park. My stomach has never co-operated with me to even try them out. So, I always end up visiting all the stalls, buying those soap bubbles and coming back home to enjoy it 🙂

Answering D’s questions:

1. Sky or earth? Why?

Of course the sky, gives me a sense of freedom when I look up at that endless space spread across, above my head. The moon and the stars are there to add to the cause 🙂

2. Why and what triggered you to blog?

Blogging for me was the most casual attempt of writing. I never thought about how it would turn out to be when I began. I was in my last semester doing internship and I had unlimited internet and time to while away. So I thought why not record my internship experiences and share it with my classmates. That’s how it all started. As time grew, I changed and my blog changed with me, shaping up beautifully and I am glad that it turned out to be the way it is now. This is the one of the few things that I started casually which turned out to be something that I love.

3. What is the craziest thing that you have ever done?

Crazy? Me? I am a control freak. I cannot do crazy things that are done out of a whim/for the thrill of it. Still for the sake of this tag, let me squeeze my brain if there is any such incident….Nope.. Nothing.. Maybe I should take life less serious?

4. Hatredness or forgiveness? Why?

Forgiveness because that is something that will make you God in someone’s eyes.

5. If you suddenly realize that you have just one day to live, what all would you do?

I would marry my guy the same day and have a hell of a day with him.

6. Zindagi na milegi dobara or agneepath?

Zindagi na milegi dobara.

7. If you were not what you are right now (professionally) what would you be?

Would have pursued a career in literature.

8. Which is your best vacation place?

I have never been around on travel much. As a kid, I have been taken to all over India which I do not remember. So I can only tell you the places which I want to visit. European countries, Himalayas and Kashmir top the list.

9. If you wake up one day to find six fingers and you are Hrithik Roshan, what would your next step be? 😛

First thing I would do is to stand in front of the mirror and admire myself 😛

10. If you develop feelings for your best friend when you’re already in a relationship with someone else, what would you do?

I have learnt enough in life to not let that happen.

11. Would you laugh away the past or would you change yourself?

Will try to change at the least.

11 Questions I would like to ask the people I tag:

1. Have you always had to struggle for most things you wished for in your life or was it a cake walk till now?

2. What are the kiddish qualities in you that you still nurture?

3. Which was the first incident that made you understand the true value/meaning of love?

4. If you had one single wish (with which you cannot wish 3 more wishes), what would  you wish for?

5. When it comes to relationships, would you like the other person to be the dependent one or independent one?

6. Ice-cream or Chocolate?

7. Will you change for your loved ones or will you want them to accept you as you are?

8. Have you ever done anything that is so not you? If yes, what did you do?

9. Logic or Magic? Why?

10. What talent you don’t have but wish that you had?

11. Theist or Agnostic or Atheist?

Since this a tag that was there long ago, not sure who were already tagged. If you have already done, you are free to take it up again or ignore it as per your wish 🙂







Crimson shadows





Until later 🙂

The journey to the hundredth

Here is the century of little pieces that I have written as posts, starting from my college final year days till now. A little of this and a little of that. Starting out as an amateur girl who writes about the silly incidents that she faced at her internship to the girl who has discovered some depths of reading and writing and is able to relate to it better than before.

This blog has been an incredible friend, teacher in my life so far. The best thing that this blog has taught me is to do things because I like to do and not because someone else likes to. I know I never write much of a post on any current affairs or a similar genre. My posts always were personal, a little expression of my feelings, musings etc and some abstract thoughts penned down that helped me see certain things clearer. It was different that my posts were not targeted for an audience but I just told myself that I will write what I want to even if it is crap. Eventually blogging fed my desire to become a better writer and I am thankful for that.

It taught me that becoming a better writer is what matters and getting published is just an extra bonus because that’s how my heart looks at it. I have moved around my blog so much before finally settling here and have been on breaks that never seemed to end. But I have always come back to this space. This is my wonder-world where I always come back. I thank all the readers who have supported me unflinchingly, pouring in their thoughts that have made many of my best days 🙂 This blog has been a better friend than I initially thought it would be. Supporting my pace and enabling  me for more. It has been a kindle to nurture my passion for the language.

This journey to the hundredth post has been fun even if it was slow. And with this hundredth, I have promised myself not to force myself to write just because it has been a while since I posted anything. I will write because I feel like doing so. I have done this in the past too, but I admit, there has been times when I blogged because I wanted to bridge the gap. And I am going to stop doing that. That just doesn’t feel right. Hope my fellow bloggers will agree as I know for a fact that they too feel that writing should not be imposed.

Lastly, I have finally been welcomed into the warm extended arms of the Bangalore city. Settling down is taking its toll but it comes with the package. The happiness has not ebbed out fully and I am enjoying this 2nd chance at a little something called life 🙂 With that last note and a thank you for your support, I leave you now. I will come back to start the journey to the 2nd century and so will you, if you liked my 1st century 😉

Until later 🙂

Comeback :)

This post is to announce the dramatic come-back of Keirthana 😉 I have been through a lot in the past few months, which I am not going to list here. This post is just for the good news 🙂

Number one on the list is that finally destiny allowed me to answer the call from Bangalore city and hence I will soon be saying good-bye to Hyderabad and stepping into a new phase. I can say life gave me a second chance and hell, I am going to make the best use of it. 🙂

The next good news is that I bought a new laptop after a long-lasting relation with my Acer Aspire 4720Z. This time it is HP pavilion G4 🙂

The last but not the least is I will be back to blogging and reading the blogs. I have not even been reading the blogs I usually follow and I sincerely hope that all my fellow bloggers and readers forgive me for the same.

So, in a week’s time, this blog’s hundredth post will come in its deserved grandeur, symbolizing the re-birth of myself and my blog after a long struggle 🙂 See ya all soon in a week 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S: This is not at all how I imagined writing a comeback post and that too, when I have achieved what I wanted for so long, but to hell with it. I am way too thankful and happy to care about all that.

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