1 week @ Chennai, I couldn’t help coming up with this:

Chennai, being the capital of our state,deserves to be in a much better state than it is now. Almost all the places, are full of scattered wastes and small pools of water. Obviously, the flies and mosquitoes follow. The “??? ???? ??? ?????! ??? ???? ???????? ????????????!” boards are silently crying out for attention. With so much population in the city, doesn’t the city deserve a better maintainance? Leave aside the government. It has never done much. Why can’t the people living here, refrain from polluting the environment in all possible ways?? I doubt if the residents have got used to living in such detestable environments. When I complained about this to a friend, I got this response-” ?????? America  ? ??????? ???? ?????? ?????”. I am asking-“Why not? Is there any rule that only that America should have good living conditions?” How much ever we talk about this, it just remains a rant. If the country will continue to be in such conditions with respect to environment, there’s no use in just developing the economy and other aspects of the country.

P.S: The C.M. is very clever to plan the “much-needed” ??? ???????? ?????? at Coimbatore, which is pretty good as of now. Here comes June 23rd to spoil that. With so many people crowding and littering the city, I am sure that Coimbatore is going to lose its grace.