First things first,

Last weekend, I did some blog-hopping and hit upon this blog and was awestruck. Because not only I like her language, style and everything, I could see shades of myself in her. I spent a while reading her blog and got a lot of inspiration and ideas. Thank you, Spaceman Spiff!!

This post is dedicated to all the cities that I have lived. All of them, who have seen me through the various phases of my life.


Starting with my native Trichy- I owe this city big time, obviously. It has seen me from when I was born to until I became that adolescent teenager. The city is famous for its wonderful Rock fort temple which also gives another identity – The Rock City. The Rock fort temple, the Srirangam temple, the Kaveri bridge and the windy rides to the doctor’s in my two-wheeler, the circuses hosted there, the exhibitions held there, the cycle rides to my school, the hatred for Half Saree and my higher secondary school, the small streets and the big bazaar (just by name 😛 Even the big bazaar streets are small), the swimming lessons at Jenny’s residency and later the hour-long bus ride to BHEL township to enjoy a swim at the Kailasapuram Club, the early morning rides to tuition classes, the speech competitions and much more. To think of those days is to think of my whole childhood. They just come rushing back in random order and bring out the emotional side of me.I never really appreciated the city until some time recent. I always wanted to go a college which is out of town and study and I achieved that quite easily. That’s when Coimbatore came into picture.


I arrived at PSG Tech, Coimbatore with great hopes and was filled with the joy of being more independent. The city held new excitements and the college life was really fun. To talk about the city, it had the best climate I ever experienced. I loved it for its chilly winters and not-so-hot summers. Unfortunately as the 4 years passed by, even Coimbatore had started becoming hotter. 🙁 This city holds some of my fine memories and some of my sad ones. This city saw the worse side of me as well as it saw the better side. As for the life I had there- the movies at KG, the shopping trips to Gandhipuram, the roaming around in Peelamedu, the stay over at Rathi’s place, the college and hostel life. All those are stories now but I have had some of my most valuable lessons learnt and experiences lived there. Though I may not have roamed around the city and saw many places, which is one of my regrets now, CBE had its fair share of my life.


During the last semester, came Bangalore for a small period of time. I chose to visit Bangalore for doing my internship. But, even before that I knew the city for all my relatives have camped up there 😛 The internship period taught me to think better and not to run into random decisions. Though, that’s a trait hard for me to leave even now, I have been worse before Bangalore. And in my opinion, Bangalore is a city buzzing alive with people who are non-natives. The food, the language, the culture- everything there is a mixed one. I have recognized this identity when, I had long walks exploring the locality and during the flying visits to places with my relatives. I have never had the chance to see the true side of Bangalore with its own identity. Maybe, that my bad luck. I know I am gonna end up in this city, someday. Just waiting for that day to come. Maybe then, I will explore more about the true nature of Bangalore 🙂


I can say that this city is definitely not one of my favorites. Again for a short period of training, this city served my home. The city, as I know, has 2 faces. The most elegant one and the most embarrassing one. I got to see both the sides. Of course every place will have it’s own pros and cons. But in Chennai, I felt the differences were more visible and emphasizing. The ever-busy T nagar, the over-crowded buses, the OMR road, Velachery and Guindy were the only few places I got to see there. (Of course apart from the Koyambedu terminus, Central and Egmore railway stations). The city could have been far better if not for the negligence and misuse by the politicians and of course the ignorance of the residents.


This is the city where I am now  for my job. Though the distance from my home is taking its toll, I should say I am loving this city more and more everyday. I have found Telugu to be very easy after all Bommarilu-Magadheera-Happy days-Arya2 episodes at colleges and now I take pride in saying that I can speak Telugu almost as fluent as a native person. The climate here has all its phases just like a human being. The best, the worst, the in-between. It is just like the mood swings that we have. The places I have heard about here sound interesting but I have not been to any of them. But I am not going to do the same mistake I made at Coimbatore, Bangalore and Chennai, here too. All those were situational. I am going to explore this city as much as I can. And that I am going to get a proper company for the same 🙂 I have a feeling that among all the issues of being far away from home, not having enough friends around etc I might enjoy this city the best. Let us see.

Until later 🙂