Hello all πŸ™‚

How has life been for you? It has just been fine. Have been digging others’ blogs. Got a few honors bestowed upon me. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

The first,

Pradeeta, better known as Mystical Skeptical Me gave me a special place in her colorful star-set and am so happy about it. Also, I am happy that she bestowed me withΒ Aubergine Purple. After all, purple has taken over the post of my favorite color, after successfully pushing royal black to the runner-up place. Describing me in a way I had never seen myself, she touched my heart and made me go bonkers with happiness over the next few hours. The way she wrote out the accolades for all of her favorite writers was simply mind-blowing. Β If you are not following her already, please go over and do.


Did a guest post on Adhi’s blog. Just a little story that I wrote and he found it good enough to let me post it on his blog. The story means lot to us both as it is half-true and half-fiction. It touches our lives so deep that none can ever fathom how deep. So, I just posted it, just like that and just for us. Do head over and read, if you feel like. The post is here:Β Ghosts from her past. Also, let me know your thoughts. There is no great feeling than knowing that someone loves your writing. πŸ™‚


The guy who is the god of humor, Kalpak, asking me to do a paragraph for the guest(s) post @ his blog. I have to think really hard and come up with something that will be good enough to match the noises of his empty vessel.

Now, coming back to the post, I warn you. It is an advice kind of post but I decided to go ahead and post it because I found it good enough when I followed it and hence thought I would share the same with you people too.

We all live our lives inside a circle. A comfortable circle drawn by us. We never come out of the comfort zone. Very rarely do we break the usual routine of lazy Sundays, sleeping for almost half of the day, eating only the food that we love, doing stuff that we love. Never out of the box. As I was living that kind of routine life, my guy gave me an idea for a change. The idea was get out of the comfy zone and do something for a change. How ever small the thing might be. It might be a different outfit than the usual, a walk home from office though if it is a bit more of work to your legs than you usually give, trying some food that you have shunned long ago due to some reason, getting up early for a change and again if you are an early sleeper, taking a night out from sleep.. Anything! Literally anything you might try. It really feels good once you do it. Gives you a vibe. A breather. Whatever you call it.

I tried to pick this idea up and do one thing that I would normally not feel comfortable doing it, a day. However, due to a lot of reasons, I could not stick to one thing a day. So I just picked out ideas from my mind and started doing it whenever I can and I tell you. It feels good. It makes me get out of the bored shell that I sometimes go into. Makes me love life more. Makes me look forward to every new day. A list of few things that I tried out are (Just to give you an idea and of course, to flaunt what I have done :P)

~ It has always been a “NO” to drinking as much water as human body needs, in my case. I do not drink water more than a glass or 2 at one go, because I hate the gurgly feeling that it gives and I feel like I am having a Tsunami inside my tummy. But then, I decided to give it a go and drank 1 litre/hr for all the awake hours in a day.

~ I walked home from office the entire distance, though I knew that it would take a tough front with the flat feet I have.

~ I joined Aerobics class. This I did for the greater good that it would do to me. I have never been a fit girl in my entire life. A little bit of exerting and you will see me panting my lungs out . This can also attribute to the hostel food, where I don’t get to eat nourishing food. But I wanted to do my bit and hence aerobics. I was afraid that I would make a fool of myself because I have never been good at mind-body co-ordination, yet I did not let my mind think and just enrolled into the class. And now, I am glad that I did.

~ I woke up really early one morning.

~ Took up initiative of certain things at office, which I would not normally.

and so on. However trivial it might be, I found the change a warm welcome. Planning to do a few more things.

So, if you think you need a change, do not hesitate to try something. Trust yourself and do it.

Until later πŸ™‚

P.S: I love PeeVee’s P.S’s. πŸ™‚ Head over to her blog and read them and her posts too πŸ™‚