“Ammmmmmmma!” Little Rithika’s excited voice reached Madhuri’s ears. She jumped up with joy and ran to greet her daughter who was back from school. Rithika jumped into her mother’s lap and started narrating her day’s experience in great detail. This was their daily ritual and both the mother and the daughter delighted immensely in it. As Madhuri watched Rithu’s vivid narrations, she couldn’t help thinking about how life is going to take shape for them, from the next day. How would Rithika react when she realizes what’s going on?

The sun was setting in its orange glory and the last light of the day left Madhuri wishing that tomorrow should never come. She hugged her daughter tightly.

Vikas was going to be at her doorstep the next morning, to take their daughter away from her. Apparently, a girl doesn’t need her mother – a court had decided that. And all it took Vikas to sway the court’s decision in his favor were a few bundles of money – which he had in plenty and she didn’t.

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Image source: sciencenordic.com