To the man who lived, lives and will live spending more time for the family than for him.

To the man who has brought up 2 children in the best way he can.

To the man who never thinks of buying so much as a new suit for himself on his birthday.

To the man who fights with me just to make me understand that he wants the best for me.

To the man who fights with me when I am home and secretly misses me when I am not home.

To the man who watched me grow and start taking my own decisions, all the while torn between wanting to correct me and at the same time letting me learn life’s lessons as they were meant to be.

To the man who wants his daughter as bold and confident as he is.

To the man who was going through all the emotions when his children stepped out on their own, but still kept silent for their own good.

To the man who shouldered all the responsibilities for the big family, keeping it intact as his ancestors had done.

To the man who put behind his dream of owning a house until he is about to retire, for the sake of the family.

To the man who works 3 shifts circulating weekly, resulting in a messed up biological clock and yet never complained once.

To the man who gave me enough lifts and pushes when I needed them the most and is still doing the same.

To the man who has the dreams of his children in his eyes.

To the man who believes in me, even when I don’t.

To the man who keeps on making the world a better place for us to live, by each passing day.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. I know all that you did, do and will do will bring me nothing but the best. You are the best daddy in the world. I am so proud of you and hope that I could make you feel the same about me.