Here goes the month of October 2014 in our anniversary year, the 9th on the list:)


Dear Adit,

October brought my birthday and strangely I wasn’t too much excited. I don’t know where all my kiddish excitement went and when all the maturity came in. However, you did take me by surprise by smuggling a cake and other gifts. I can understand how difficult it would have been for you to do that since it’s only the 2 of us at home and nothing misses my eye 😉 Well, the reason is I am always cleaning something and hence am all over the place most times. The party wasn’t much because it was just the two of us, but there’s something incredibly beautiful and romantic about two people in love, cuddled together on the couch at midnight. munching on the cake sleepily. Not being party people, we’d take this any day over a noisy and tiring party. I loved the Fastrack watch that you gifted me, it was just so us- simple yet fashionable. Durable too! 😀

Diwali came real close to birthday and we had our first Diwali together at my parents’ place. Remember how the neighbor kids were so excited about the crackers and were trying to convince us to join them. Although we are not the kind who enjoy crackers and loud noises, it sure was something to see that 1000W smile on their faces when we gifted some colorful crackers to them.

Your sister’s wedding happened in the beginning of this month but we couldn’t help out more because we had had a tiring week and felt lost in the even huger crowd that turned up. I was already on notice period and it was a god send that her wedding was on a holiday since I couldn’t take off from work. October was a month of festivities with the wedding, my birthday, our Diwali all crowding us and most of all, your birthday was coming up in November and I had to think of gifts. Almost all my gifts are hand-made and hence it takes a long time to decide and finish it. You didn’t know but by October I had started making the gift 😉

And did I tell you? I love you 😉




Until later 🙂