Generally, I don’t get festive when Christmas comes around. The main reason being I didn’t have the annual shutdown or extended holiday concept at work till this year. But this year, I made a switch and from now on, I get a mandatory annual shutdown of 10 days approx. This made me enjoy the holiday season more and I started humming “Jingle bells..” as I drove to work. And when I saw a Santa handing out gifts to kids at the supermarket, I wanted one too. A perplexed hubby stood watching me ache for a gift from Santa. Finally as Santa didn’t even look at me (Of course, how would he know this crazy lady is still a kid at heart and wants a gift from him 😛 ), I turned to hubby and demanded in a resolved tone that he must dress up as Santa for me this year and he must give me a gift. Soon I forgot about the drama since I did it in the spur of a moment and I know hubby is not the romance freak that I am.

But hubby surprised me and how! He had taken my kiddish demand to heart and had made arrangements for a Santa outfit. He had also ordered a Kindle Paperwhite for me to surprise me (He later told me that he was saving the idea for our upcoming anniversary but seeing my disappointed face when I didn’t get a gift from Santa at the supermarket, he decided to gift it early).

Now, this kindle has an interesting story background. Twice, we had almost bought it from Croma but didn’t in the nick of time. We had Croma gift vouchers and were looking around to buy something. The final decision arrived at was Kindle. I was and am a firm believer that the feel of reading a book physically cannot be replaced by anything. However, hubby convinced me that this way I can buy only the books that are worth it and add it to my collection. I had a few regrets of spending money on some books which were totally not worth adding to my book collection and was hiding such books in the bottom most shelf. Also, he convinced me about the convenience of carrying a bookshelf in a kindle when going on vacations without having to worry about the luggage. So I gave in and we decided on Kindle Paperwhite and went to the counter only to realize that I had left the vouchers at home. So we decided we will buy some other time and left it at that. Very soon, we were at another Croma store and again debated on the models and arrived at a conclusion. We asked for it to be billed to find out that they didn’t have it in stock. We returned home thinking that maybe the universe is conspiring against us buying a Kindle. Soon I forgot about this whole Kindle episode and was back to reading normally. And now, it happened in the form of a Christmas miracle 🙂

So you ask, what’s so special about your hubby giving you a Kindle as a gift for Christmas? I say two things:

1. Hubby cannot hold secrets from me, no matter what. Even if it is a surprise for me, he would end up blabbing about it to me and have a puppy face about how he couldn’t, for the life of him, keep a secret from me. 😀

2. This time he decided to keep it and kept it for a while until I busted the whole thing a couple of days before Christmas by innocently peeping into his inbox and seeing the SMS of his order status.  I would have still pulled it off and let him think I didn’t know if only he had not noticed me seeing it.

So I guess secrets are not for us even if it is for surprising each other and I am totally fine with it because I for one, have a husband who cannot hide anything from me even if he wants to. 😛 😀 We had a totally fun and romantic time about this. Also, we ended spending the evening cajoling each other that it’s okay that the secret is out and later moved on to look at some gifts we gave each other in the past and reminiscing about it.

And on Christmas, I still got my Santa and a gift from him even though it was no secret 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S: Dear hubby, It is so cute that you did this and don’t get discouraged that I busted the first secret you ever attempted to keep. There are a lot more attempts for you to make and for me to break so that we can share a ton of laughter every time we do it. And that crooked smile of yours which hesitantly peeks when you realize that I found out what you are trying to do – I love it and would try breaking your secrets just for that. Love you!