Here goes the month of May 2014, number 4 on the count-down to February 9, 2014:


Dear Adit,

May came to us with a bag of insecurities. We got our housing loan sanctioned and were all ready to take a huge financial step in our life. It brought a lot of changes to our financial outlook, many alterations were made to the budget but you gotta accept that having a house of our own has become a must. We can’t live forever in rented houses and put up with nosy busybodies for owners as we do now! So, I wouldn’t regret that we took the decision in hand and that a big chunk of our earnings are going towards the EMI. Most of the month went in planning the budget, we planned everything to the microscopic level as if we were devising India’s budget. I am really sorry that you had to tone down splurging on your toys gadgets but let’s face it, you have a truck load of them. Since I am not a gadget freak, all of mine is also yours and you have every gadget available in the market. Down to the T. So I guess it is okay if you had to put off some upgrades and also because I know you will itching to indulge once we get our finances settled down a bit. 🙄

The trip to Salem to spend some time with your uncle’s family was a refreshing break from our regular routine. We had a nostalgic afternoon of going through childhood photos of you and your cousins. I had seen your childhood photos before but a few new discoveries were made and I loved going through them with your sister giving me comments on each of them. You were the chubby kid who was ‘showing off’ in each of the photos 😛 I also loved hearing the stories about you when you were too young to remember anything. Remember how I loved the pic where your mom had dressed you up in a frock and had tied up your hair? You were adorable and for some reason you had this huge grin on your face. I cannot fathom what made you that happy. Maybe you loved playing dress-up as a kid 😀

Also, we enjoyed a lot of movies in May, caught up on those we missed and watched new ones. We also started to watch sitcoms shows on ZCafe religiously like “The Good Wife”, “Outsourced” etc. Things picked up at work for me and I got busier by the day. Days were rushing by so fast.

So May in our dictionary is the month that’s famous for learning to take big decisions in life, have insecurities and deal with it.




Until later 🙂