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Quote Challenge : 1/3

I know, I know, this is long overdue. Forgive me, for I had been psyched about doing this challenge when the Lioness tagged me but then got immersed in the house-shifting activity that I totally forgot about this one. So let me do this now.

It’s a known fact among my friends and family that I love quotes. I collect quite a few too. Although not as exhaustive as The Lioness. So I was so excited when she tagged me in this quote challenge. The only sad part of it is that I can only name 3 quotes I love the most. Only 3, Sigh!

Anyway, here’s my all time favorite:


mappendantcomImage Courtesy: mappendant.com

I am a great fan of Dumbledore quotes from Harry Potter and would often be using them as my status on messengers. This one is my absolute favorite and has quite helped me during some hard times. The wisdom in those words is very deep yet gets across so easily.

Often, there come times when we would be down in the dumps or at least believe that we are. Such is life, none can escape it. However, the actual answer to all our problems is not the problem itself but how we react to them. We have the happiness within, the key to solve the problem, the light to our darkness, but hardly do we remember it. We keep searching the happiness outside, in others, until we get tired and give up.

I know that this is easier said than done and that I don’t quite follow this fully, but that does not mean I should give up trying and forget that the happiness I am searching for is within me. My husband follows this diligently and has pulled me up a lot of times when I was upset, with this simple logic.

Today I nominate 3 of my favorite bloggers, those who have done this already can choose to start again or ignore:
1. Visha
2. GB
3. PeeVee

I cannot thank Soumya enough for tagging me in this. We both share a common love for quotes and I enjoy digging her quotes collection posts and reading them time and again. Thank you Leo!

What is the 3-Day Quote Challenge about?

1. Post one of your favorite quotes on three consecutive days. The quote can be from your favorite book, author, or your own. (You must post 3 different quotes in all)
2. Nominate 3 bloggers each day to challenge them.
3. Thank the blogger, who nominated you.

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Book Review: The Cuckoo’s calling

I have been holding off on this book since I couldn’t imagine Rowling’s style of writing in any other way than the Harry Potter series. Being a huge HP fan, I didn’t want to be in a prejudiced state of mind when I read this. However, curiosity got the better of me as I started reading more reviews about this book and most of them rated the book above 3.5. And they were right, I like The Cuckoo’s calling to bits.

When I started the book, I immediately felt comfortable with the author’s writing style and wondered if it was my prejudiced knowledge of the author. But, as I read page after page, I realized that it is not so. This book was in a different league from the fantasy fiction of Harry Potter, it had a unique writing style that made me fall in love with it. The descriptions of characters, situations, places – everything kept me hooked to the book and that’s exactly what any reader would look for in a¬†crime fiction. Cormoran Strike, the protagonist takes the reader through the case with ease and keeps us guessing what’s next.

When the famous model Lula Landry falls to her death under suspicious circumstances, none except her brother thinks there’s something fishy about her death. Even the rigorous rounds of police investigation concludes that it was a suicide. But there is a witness who overheard an argument seconds before Lula Landry fell and there’s a CCTV footage of two men running away from the scene of crime with their faces covered. These evidences are proven to be false or insignificant to the case in the police investigation. However, John Bristow, Lula Landry’s brother is not satisfied. He brings in Cormoran Strike, a war veteran resigned to private detective after his leg injury, to investigate the case further and find justice for his dead sister.

Was it indeed a suicide? Was Lula capable of going from¬†perfectly happy to suicidal in a span of few hours? Was there a motive for someone to murder her? All these questions are strewn across the plot¬†as Lula’s complicated familial and upbringing situations are analysed. The book effortlessly navigates through a detective’s analysis and keeps us guessing about all possibilities. However, I was a little disappointed about who turned out to be the criminal since this had been done and dusted a little too many times. The story could have been twisted into using a different leg but that opportunity is what I felt is lost towards the climax of the book. Also, the title of the book is derived from a very insignificant plot or phase of the story. It could have been more relevant and provoking.

Otherwise, The Cuckoo’s calling is an¬†unputdownable book that is immensely enjoyable. It cost me my weekend for the most part as I started it and I was compelled¬†to sit and complete¬†this, instead of doing the¬†household chores. I am planning on buying the sequel The Silkworm soon as I cannot wait to read more of Cormoran Strike and his investigation tactics.

My rating: 4/5

Until later ūüôā