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Hope’s a dangerous thing, some say; A useful link, some others say
How it comes and goes in the flash of a day, I never know
Every morning, I am full of it ; Every evening, I am wary
That little boost comes my way, in one or the other form
Helping me not to give up, telling me to always hold on

Like the knife lurking above, life goes on in a threatened routine
I look up every time, the knife hasn’t fallen yet
But it hasn’t gone away either, it just hangs there
Silently mocking me for my insecurities, it laughs
Boldly threatening me, drunk on its power

Just a human, I live my fears just as I live my joys
I cry when life hurts the most, then I hope
I laugh when life blesses me and then I hope some more
I keep appending a comma, never putting a period
And that’s how everything goes on.

Until later 🙂