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My pride

The only thing that I did without letting Adit know before.
The only thing that I did again in spite of Adit not liking it.
The only thing that I was absolutely sure about wanting it for myself, my identity.
The only thing that I knew I’d want to get it done again when I got it for the first time.
The only thing that I got done for myself as selfishly as possible but at the same time is not about myself.

Here is the story of the first one and how frantic I felt before getting it 🙂 In contrary, the second one was fairly straight forward. I hit upon the idea in one moment, visualized it in one hour, researched and finalized it in one day. Then it was just a matter of booking an appointment and getting it done. I was mildly surprised that even Adit’s strong ‘no’ did not stop me.

Until later 🙂

10 Things You Really Don’t Need To Know About Me

Saw this tag at Cookie Crumbs Inc. way back in April and ever since, the thought of taking it up stuck with me. So here goes:

~ I obsessively need a fan when I sleep. I need that feeling of moving air, however low the speed of the fan maybe, when I sleep. Else I feel like suffocating. Yes, even during winters. ~

~ Often, I find me talking to myself about what to do next and how to do it. All the planning happens as a monologue and this is a Shaadi ke side effect for me. Not to mention, before marriage I led a very lazy life which needed minimal planning. ~

~ I want to love cooking. Yes, you read it right. Having seen mom cook with so much passion and dish out delicacies that make heaven on earth possible, I want to love cooking. But the interest comes only once a while and doesn’t last long. I try a new item now and then which is simple enough to keep me involved, but that’s about it. ~

~ I cannot let bad photos be, not even for the sake of a laugh. Let alone bad photos, if it doesn’t qualify as a good profile pic or a great click, trash is the place. Many normal pics have been dumped unceremoniously. ~

~ I can only sing along with songs. Not alone. If you insist, I suggest you cover your ears. ~

~ I can’t dance for the life of me. No, not even one move. Tried once and embarrassed the hell out of myself. Never again. ~

~ I am as clumsy as they come and hence will constantly subject myself to spills, falls, cuts, burns and bruises. Stains, scars and healing wounds are a way of life to me. ~

~ I hate Maths with a vengeance. Always have and always will. I figured a pocket calculator can do the job since I take a few minutes to figure out simple calculations like the proportions of rice and water while cooking. Most times, I yell 1.75 times 2.5 from the kitchen and my husband yells back the answer from the living room. (He plays many such roles – a calculator, google, online ticket booking agent, financial advisor etc.) ~

~ I hoard artificial jewelry endlessly. Strictly street shopping stuff. ~

~ I have never been out of my country and never really bothered about it too. I will go when I want. I don’t do obsession on this one like many others who seem to deem at least 1 foreign trip as a lifetime goal. ~

Until later 🙂