The memory of you that hit me today was not that strong either, it was just a hazy vision in the flurry of clouds in my mind. I smiled at how it no longer affected me when that was all that mattered some time back. Was it just some time? It feels like that was on a different time plane. It was like this dream – intense, deep and sometimes bruising. The dream was a recurring one, with you as the focal point. It went from an occasional dream to a recurring one to a nightmare. But every time, I forgot the dream when I woke up. It stayed only as long as I slept – the moment I woke up, any recollection of it would be impossible and I would just be left with a mysterious curiosity of what that was all about. And then slowly, I figured it out even though I couldn’t remember once awake. That the dreams were about you. I didn’t have to remember the dream to know it, I just knew. And today as I still see that past of mine through a vision that keeps getting hazier by the day, I am thankful that you were a dream that was worth forgetting.

Until later 🙂