Today I am in a good place, but this was not the case a couple of years back. I had finally relocated to Bangalore and was in the same city as Adit but all the problems were not laid to rest. We were struggling to make things happen on the marriage front and get any progress in convincing our parents. There were days on which we had the toughest of times managing our parents, discussing what next and maintaining the relationship as such. It was taking a huge toll on us, ironical how working to make the marriage happen can actually work to exhaust us and in turn turning ourselves against each other. We were just passing days by working out things when that wonderful day came by.

It was my birthday time and I was in no mood to celebrate it with all that was going on. To top it all, I was unhappy about work too and was changing companies. Since it was the last month and I had to do a lot at office to transition my knowledge to the others before I leave, I was always cranky and a birthday celebration was the last thing on my mind. This was when Adit decided a trip to Mysore would be a good break for me and him as well. We had another friend who was also interested in accompanying us and we decided we would go on my birthday.

The three of us decided to make it a one day trip by a car. As the day approached, I felt guilty about not appreciating what Adit was trying to pull here and wanted to make it up to him. So on a sudden impulse, I decided to wear a sari since he liked seeing me in one. I dressed up in a cream colored sari with a dark green border with stone work and left to meet him as early as 5 AM. He was pleasantly surprised in seeing me dressed up and we had a romantic morning coffee together while we waited for our friend to join us. The morning breeze soothed our worries away and the feeling of being there, in the moment, together made us forget all worries. Soon after, our friend came with the car and we started out.

It took 3 hours to reach there. We visited the Chamundeeswari temple first. There was a heavy rush since it was close to Dussehra and by the time we came out of the temple it was afternoon. Time does fly, I thought. After a quick lunch, we visited the Mysore wild life reserve. We had a fun time looking at the animals and teasing each other with analogies 😉 Also that was my first time seeing a white tiger and the beast was magnificent.Actually, it’s not fair to call it a beast, it was that beautiful. We had reserved the Mysore palace for the evening because that’s when it looks best with all the lights. So the next stop was the palace and I came face to face with the personification of royal look. The palace was vast and glittered with the history that adorned it. I was still reeling over the history and beauty of it when we were on our way back. The drive back to Bangalore was so pleasant that we became drowsy but we didn’t want to miss the time together. So we chatted about everything under the sun and enjoyed the drizzle that was slowly making its way through.

We had a dinner stop on the way and by the time we came back, we were dead tired. So we dropped off at our respective places and hit the bed straight. Only the next day did I realize that that was the first night in months when I had slept peacefully and without disturbing dreams. Maybe it was the physical tiredness or the mental content of spending a day forgetting about every worry I had, I am not sure. But one thing was crystal clear for me. All it took to break a monotony, to give a recharge for yourself when things are going bad was a day with your loved ones. A simple day forgetting about everything else. If you had the open mind and time for that, nothing else mattered. Often, we don’t give that chance. We just keep cribbing and going about what we are already doing.

That day is still etched in my mind as one of the most refreshing and positive days of my life. The simplicity of what we had that day left a great impact on me and gave me the strength to face and sort out my troubles. From then on, if I am in a restless and disturbed phase, I just hit the pause button of my busy life and take a recharge. A day with my loved ones – it makes me look up to life and love with renewed energy and optimism.

Until later 🙂

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