It seems that public display of affection is becoming more and more common in India. I am not sure whether the girls and guys of this age have gone crazy or is it that people have become more acceptable about the fact. In the recent past, I encountered 2 situations, out of which one, I experienced myself and the other, my friend.

I was travelling in a fully-packed Hyderabad bus on a Saturday evening. A girl came and sat beside me. Within 5 minutes or so, she called her boyfriend and asked him to sit beside her and started squeezing me towards the window. My first thought was “What the heck?”.  It was a 2 seater where there is no way you can adjust for a 3rd person. The bus had those small-chair-type seats. I just did not want to create a scene and so kept mum thinking that maybe the guy is not feeling well or whatever the heck it is. Then started the drama of cuddling, cajoling, twisting, turning, sleeping on the other and other things that could have made a 3 hours love film. All this, with everyone staring at our seat and me stuck there like a …… You get it right?

The incident my friend encountered topped mine. She was travelling by train in sleeper class and there were only boyfriend-girlfriend pairs in her bay. She had had a horrible experience trying to mind her own business and digest the fact that the world had come to this. I do not want to elaborate but 1 sentence will give you the picture. One of the pairs actually shared a berth in spite of having separate berths. When she told me this, I was reminded of the scene in the film “Nandha” “Mounam Pesiyadhe”, where actor Surya reprimands a couple for having their hands on each other’s shoulder on the road. Maybe, these people need rules like that to behave themselves in public.

 I am not taking the role of the older generation and saying all those stuff that makes you feel eons back in ages. I am just asking to give some respect for yourselves and your privacy. I don’t say that you should think about others’ opinions before you do each and everything. I am just saying that there a threshold for everything and people must have enough common sense to know it. At least, be discreet for crying out loud. You love your partner and all that is fine. But, there is a reason privacy is a concept and has a meaning.

P.S: I am not going to put a P.S for a disclaimer saying that this is my opinion and not intended to hurt anyone 😛

Until later 🙂