There’s this cute guy I talk to – at home, while on the way to and fro work. No, it’s not hubby dearest. He is the one who bears all my rants, silently takes it in when I vent my anger out on him. When I cross a line, he nudges me and makes me notice what I’m doing. That’s how he gave me a dent on my toe when I tried to push my anger on him. 😥 He would not let me go to work when I am rude to him for no fault of his. Sometimes when I am busy, I forget his meal times or even ignore it. He will show it clearly with “Grrrr…” in his voice. If I don’t give that weekly bath and massage, he will whine until I notice. Otherwise he is actually a well-behaved guy, stays put when I am involved with other works, does his job well. Never complains even when I make him slog.

I named him ‘Ichigo’ inspired by the anime character in ‘Bleach Anime’. It’s a long story of how I came to love that anime series and find life inspiring values in it. People have laughed at me for it, but yeah I don’t care. So in short Ichigo’s character is that of an ultimate dependable guy. And that’s exactly why I named this guy so. I thought him to be a girl at first, being purple and all. [I can see Ichigo scowling at my mistake, sorry dear fella 😳 ] But the vibe he gives me is definitely that of a guy. I can sense that he’s a he. Definitely! He is my loyal Honda Activa. :mrgreen: Gifted as a wedding gift by my beloved bro 🙂 He carries me and hubby to work daily without complaining, demands his due petrol of course. He is my Ichigo, Mr.Dependable. 😀

Until later 🙂

P.S: Right now, I can so imagine Ichigo rolling his eyes 🙄 for this post. He is not sappy when it comes to emotions, you know, something to do with being a guy I suppose!

P.P.S: Okay, don’t brand me crazy now! Ichigo does tells me how he feels and does take in all that I give him – happy or sad, calm or anger, logical or idiotic. Okay, I will stop now. 😆