Chaotic yet calm,
Reaching unseen depths,
Tranquility’s irony!

Dissolving into nothing,
Merging with everything,
Which is it?

This is for Haiku Heights : April A2Z Heights Day 10 under the prompt ‘Incense‘.


I kept on commenting on Ajay’s haiku posts with my own creations and I thought, hey why not give it a try. And here it is.

I am not expert at Haiku whether in English or Tamil, but when I read about the meaning of Haiku, I was astonished. I didn’t know there were rules and so much meaning behind it. I always thought it is a short verse/poem which gives to-the-point description about the author’s idea. Well, it is that and much more. Interested? Here, check this out: What is a Haiku?

My favorite piece in the description from the above link is quoted below:

A perfect e.g. of the haiku not necessarily being in 5-7-5 is this one, written by a pioneer of Haiku in English, Cor van den Heuvel in the Haiku Anthology, 1999.

Little spider
will you outlive

A haiku doesn’t tell what is the idea in the mind of the author, it shows. Whereas the haiku above would just look like a direct question told out in a moment, it shows to me, a question of survival, who’ll be the last standing.. if we read it in another way, we could also feel it to be a question asked with an ego, or pride… the bigger species would outlast the smaller ones. It has layers in it which are shown to the reader. One of my friends told me, it takes more than a minute to actually and completely read a haiku, and understand what the poet wishes to say. Perhaps even this breaking down might be not completely accurate, but it’s more than a question to ask the spider, right? It makes you think… what’s the thought behind the poet’s words.”  –As quoted from What is a Haiku?

So that’s it for now, see you around folks 🙂

Until later 🙂