I often wonder,why we need to have reservations for admissions in colleges.This has been a topic in many of the group discussions and debates and still there’s nothing that has happened. If a student has the talent,he will study well.Why reservations? These reservations were made during Ambedkar’s times for good causes. Now all those causes having died,the election benefactor reservation alone remains behind.It’s such a pity that many really talented people don’t get what they are entitled to,because of this.I got this college and course with a not-much cut-off of 276.something because of my quota reservation.My friend who was 277.something couldn’t even come near my college because he was categorized as forward class. At that time,I was not actually aware of this affecting so many people.Even if I had known,there wouldn’t have been much that I could have done.This reservation stuff and management seats in colleges and making education a business is disgusting.I feel there is no need for a student to buy his/her admission into college if he/she is really very interested in studying and hence no need for these reservations. Also,I think those who study just for the sake of completing UG,for the name of it don’t deserve the degree in the first place.Also it leads to the rapidly increasing number of engineering colleges in the state.When do we see a change? The question is hanging in mid-air.