Do you remember that day when there was a blackout and no streetlights as we walked back home amidst the heavy downpour? You held my hands all the while, saving me from the infamous potholes on the Indian roads, always placing a step before me. It was too dark and late for a couple of 15 year olds to wander about alone, but we had no choice then. I knew you were afraid too but your grip on my hand told that you weren’t so afraid that you can’t protect me. That day I knew that it’s you and here I am today holding your hands in the downpour and darkness after 50 years, tottering towards our home being each other’s walk sticks.

This piece is an inspiration from a true incident in my life. The first half is true and the next half will become true in another 40 years, I know! 🙂

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By the way, I came across this pic when I was searching one for the prompt and I totally loved it 🙂


Until later 🙂