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The divine paradox


I recently happened to listen to the long forgotten devotional albums, Jyothi Vativaana Annamalai by UnniKrishnan and Om Namah Shivaya by SPB. Not that I am getting any religious than I was, but I stumbled across these in the pursuit of something else. It invoked a lot of childhood memories as my mom loved them and used to listen to them all the time, I wonder where those radio cassettes are lying now. Man, the time for cassettes has been long buried!

Anyway, my point is I loved hearing some of those songs and couldn’t get them out of my mind. Especially the “Shivaya Nama Om” song in UnniKrishnan’s album. What a voice! It was as if something from within your mind is calling out to you. I am not a fan of Idol worship or to be precise, man-made concepts of divinity. I am a believer of natural divinity in the form of a central force that is omni-present. So this song failed to invoke the spiritual aspect towards Lord Shiva as many would expect but what an internal insight it brought to me in the way of my beliefs and perspectives.

This experience left me pondering about divinity within every self and how we can peel through the layers of ego, human emotions and other superficial stuff and reach it. And the music composition just had me swaying to the tune with eyes closed. It’s been a while since I connected this deeply with anything that’s construed as religious.

When I was pondering over this, an intriguing question came to my mind. I know humans represent Lord Shiva in the form of a Lingam and that the shiva linga is the collective representation of lingam and yoni. That is the ultimate representation of the male-female oneness, creative energy and the potential of creation. You can check this wiki entry for more details. What had me thinking was another aspect of general belief that Lord Shiva is the destructive aspect in the process of life. I have heard how people name the lords Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva responsible for creation, protection and destruction stages of the life cycle. However, the shivalinga which is used to represent the lord of destruction actually represents the power and potential of creation. Therein, this paradox already shows that there is nothing but one divine energy which is probably too enormous for the amateur human minds to comprehend that they give names and forms to the force.

I don’t have any issues with naming the force to one’s belief and follow one’s preferences. What really bothers me is the fight over whose perspective is greater and forcing others directly/indirectly to believe that each one’s perspective is THE right one.What’s so bad about believing in something for your own sake? What’s so bad about letting another person believe something that is in contrast with what you believe and accept that it’s their right to do so?

And this divine paradox makes my belief stronger and shows me that I am on the right path. Whether I will reach the destination is a different thing altogether. Even now, I don’t force this perspective of mine on anyone. I am just sharing what sparked in my mind. I so wish the other side would do the same to me by not forcing me to believe what my mind can’t process. That’s so egoistic and there’s nothing divine about it.

Everyone has a way of connecting with the inner force and it’s better to let them do it. Enabling them to connect is one thing but forcing them to take the same path as us is a different thing which is just wrong. Because our perspective helps us connect with the inner self, if I force someone to believe what I do, it means I am forcing them to connect with my inner self the way I do. That defeats their purpose of seeking divinity.

Until later 🙂

P.S: Heavy, right? Yeah, I like to write about such thought processes as writing helps me to analyze myself.


கடவுளை உள்ளே வைக்கவா
அல்லது மனிதனை வெளியே வைக்கவா
பூஜை அறைக்கு பூட்டு…

Until later 🙂

P.S: As soon as this thought struck my mind, my mind gave me many perspectives to this small piece of writing. And I realized a single line evoking a million perspectives is the beauty of language. I would love to hear your perspective or interpretation too 🙂

P.P.S: For those who don’t know Tamil, it roughly translates to “Whether to keep God inside or to keep man outside, is the lock for the prayer/puja room?” The beauty of language might be lost in translation but it is just for the sake of understanding.

Agnostic or Atheist-It doesn’t matter!

After knowing many of my fellows’ opinion on religion and god,I am tempted to discuss my thoughts.This might turn out to be confusing,because I am confused about the existence of God as in real existence terms.Does this make me an Agnostic? Whatever..I don’t think that God is somewhere out there holding all the strings of life and happenings together.Does this make me an Atheist? O.K. Now to the point,as for me,life is a string of incidents based more on Newton’s III law.Our actions determine what we are going to face.Everyone would have had experiences to prove this fact. Still,they talk of god deciding punishments for each living cell on earth.Oh,Come on people,We have studied science which proves the life’s existence and purposes. This leads to the questions that pin point certain incidents that are too good to be mere coincidence. Yup,I accept,but what’s life without some miracles? So,I don’t know if God is there on not,but I don’t appreciate idol worship,many-god theory,religious chaos in name of God  and so on.What I am saying is,have your own opinions,whatever they are.However,do not expect others to have or support the same.This goes mainly to the elder generation who expect their children to believe what they believe,though they do not have solid reasons for their belief. It’s a pity that they believe what they have been taught to believe.As for me,God may even exist as that science that explains all these issues.I don’t mind.But,I mind when this issue is being used to force others to do something or to divide the country or to enhance terrorism…………. The list goes on.People,let these change at least in our lives.