Last month, I bought the first 2 parts of the Shiva Trilogy – The immortals of Meluha and The secret of the Nagas ( Finally!) I had been getting mixed reviews about this set of books and I was also a bit skeptical because Mythology has mixed effects on me. However, once I started reading 1st part, I couldn’t put them down until I had finished both the books back to back.

The turns that the author – Amish Tripati has made the story to course through are captivating. The books were not the reflection of those mythical stories created/spread to induce some fear/discipline among the masses. The plot was based on such a simple concept – Those divine beings whom we call God (in various representations and by way of idolization) could have been normal human beings to start with. The choices they made through their life raised them up to a platform where they are worthy of being considered as the supreme force. After all, that’s what decides a human’s worth – one’s choices. Ain’t it?

Another baseline that mirrored my thoughts was that we consider certain things/people evil just because they are different from us. We fail to see that the differences are based on one’s own priorities/preferences and nothing to do with evil. Identifying the real evil and destroying it is the choice that a person has to make with tact and supreme will of the heart. This is what the Mahadev (Lord Shiva or Lord Rudra as we perceive today) had to do back then.

These concepts on which these books are based gave me something to think upon in this confused, most debated topic. If you are interested in exploring the depths of Indian myths, finding answers to deep-rooted questions about the way the idolization of gods evolved, you will find these books to be the right choice. People who use their religious/spiritual views to influence others or to look down on people must have a read and realize that all the scriptures defining the rules were formulated for a particular period and can be evolved for the good of the masses.

In a nutshell, these books are a really interesting read and gives something for the readers to chew upon and explore with their minds. I am eagerly waiting for the release of the last part – The oath of Vayuputras. Hope it will make as good a read as the previous 2 books and give some conclusions. 🙂

Until later 🙂