I am super happy and the reasons are three-fold.First is my guest para on Kalpak’s (The god of Humor) blog. And the intro that he gave for me was so sweet that I had happy tears, when I read it. Head over and read it here. The collection of guest paragraphs idea is too good and only Kalpak can come up with such weird yet mind-boggling ideas. Next is Viya, the bubbly architect; a big thank you to Viya for giving a place for me in her post. I am glad that I inspired her to quit FB  and I am glad that we got to know each other 🙂 As she rightly said, if we are bound to each other, it will happen somehow, somewhere. And I am glad it happened for me. And finally, I have the guest post by Spaceman Spiff. *Drum Rolls* When I mailed her a month ago, asking for a guest post, I was nervous. Honestly! Because, up until I had not written guest posts for anyone, nor had I asked anyone to do a guest post on my blog. But, the sweetie that she is, Divya accepted the request and here it is!

I don’t think I need to introduce Divya, more popularly known as Spaceman Spiff, to the blogger world. Literally, more than half the blogosphere awaits her posts and I am proud to say that I am one of them. So, here I am presenting her Wonder Winter. Have you ever got beyond the struggling-to-wake-up phase on a winter morning? Have you ever experienced what is beyond that warm blanket of yours? Here, take a trip through her experience.

My phone shrieks out an obscure alarm tone.

Even in my half-asleep state, I manage to whine. I look at the time.

5:30 AM.

I press the snooze button and turn around and snuggle back in my blanket, sending a quick thank you up to the person who invented the concept of ‘snooze button’.

Twenty minutes later, I curse the person who came up with the idea of ‘Snooze time-out’. As if on auto-pilot, I press the snooze button again and dig deeper inside my blanket.

It rings again after 20 minutes. I switch it off this time.

I’m awake, but my body refuses to accept it. “Come on, wake up”, I tell it. “Effo*. It’s too cold to get up”, it replies. Even early in the morning, my body is capable of rebellion.

My mind and body finally come to an agreement by 6:15. I wake up, switch on the light, switch off the fan, go say a quick good morning to all the God uncles, and trudge to the washroom. Five minutes later, clad in a tee, three-fourths and sneakers, I open the door and breathe in the morning air. I quickly grab my jacket and set off for a walk.

The street is just waking up slowly. Kirana stores are opening up, they’ve started playing devotional songs in the temple; there are uncles and aunties and dogs out for their walk. I see newspaper-boys cycling around the colony wearing monkey caps and shawls. Some of the early-morning school-goers are waiting for their school buses, huge bags weighing down their backs. GHMC workers are sweeping the roads with those big brooms. I love the sound that it makes. Cars are being scrubbed, getting readied for the day’s drive.

I take in the calm and quiet of the early morning.

The air smells delicious. It’s so crisp, I could almost hear it crackle.

The slightly warm sunlight wonderfully compliments the crisp cold. I rub my palms together to warm them up and press it to my ice-cold nose. The tips of my fingers have turned red by now. I realize that I’ve been breathing a bit too deeply, for my nasal passage has started hurting, giving me a slight headache. I remember that two years back, around the same time, I had had a nose-bleeding incident at 12 in the night, when I was staying all alone, and I had freaked out. The memory urges me to tone down my breathing a bit.

I walk into the small park and do some stretching. An old uncle is jogging. I try to jog but am gasping for breath in two minutes. Some other uncles are doing yoga. Reminds me of Acha.

The sun is shining a bit more now. But it hasn’t managed to blot out the delicious cold. I can’t believe myself, that I had whined about waking up and experiencing this wonderful morning.

Hello Winter… welcome back. Have I told you how much I love you and how much I’ve missed you?

Thank you Divya, for bringing the winter cheer to my blog. Being a winter person myself, I was upset that winter is late in Hyderabad, this year. Anyway I am glad it finally came 🙂 What kind of person are you? Which season will make all jumpy and excited?

Until later 🙂