1. I go with my guy by auto once in a while to office since our offices are in the same direction. After a couple such trips, I happened to go alone once. I didn’t recognize it was the same auto guy who dropped us earlier.  When I get down, he asks “Where is that other person who comes with you and why didn’t he come today?” Same happened with my guy when he went alone.
  2. In the usual browsing centre where I take print outs, the guy starts chatting with me since he belongs to the same state as me. However, I have always been uncomfortable giving out details even though I was a regular customer to the browsing centre. I try to avoid as much as possible. In spite of me being an introvert and reserved with him, he knows all the details like where I work, what investments I have made because he deliberately noticed what I give him to photocopy or scan or printout. I agree that he cannot do the job without looking but there is a difference between noticing and remembering and just looking because you have to.
  3. The auto guy notices I speak a South-Indian language over phone and asks me whether I am from so-and-so city.
  4. My guy goes to a regular medical shop where he gets his medicine and most times he uses the same card for payment.  After a few times, the store guy knows the pin and asks “It’s xxxx only na?” and enters it himself.

What do you think of the such incidents? While they might be classified as vendors/shopkeepers just trying to make regular business by being friendly, it doesn’t feel so. Certainly not for me. Maybe the ever-increasing crime rate has made me paranoid It feels right for me that we have stopped going often to the places where the business seems over-friendly than it actually should be. When seen from a criminal point of view, all these information that the vendors or shopkeepers notice about us seem very valid and useful pointers to manipulate us. Some might feel it’s good to keep switching places to avoid over-familiarity. Now, we do that wherever possible and a few places we go often, only where people keep up a professional only .

Is life getting creepy or am I being paranoid?

Until later 🙂