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I agree that I weave the words, but I won’t know if they are magic webs…
I agree that I let go, but I won’t know if I am right to do so…
I agree that I try to be better, but I won’t know if I have done enough…
I agree that I let art play, but I won’t know if it’s a pretty picture…

If not for you, I won’t know a thing…
If not for you, stagnant is how I would be…
If not for you, measure would never be known…
If not for you, the words would stop dancing!

This is a dedication to all my readers on the happy occasion that I am blessed with the Liebster award by 2 of my awesome fellow bloggers and loyal readers. Both of them refrained from making the job tough by asking no questions. As for passing the award, we all have common readers list, for the caution of being redundant, I will wait for some more beautiful additions to my blogroll and then pass it on. (Although I know every blogger on the list deserves this award many times more)

So here’s a little thing I cooked up for Confused soul @ A walk across the bridge and The silent crusader @ The shaded shadows. My way of saying a little Thank you!

Merci to you, Confused soul
Honored is how I feel,
With delight does my mind reel
That you love my blog whole,

My eyes stay mesmerized
As your words do the trick
Etched forever as classic
Your posts are always prized!

liebster-awardMuchas Gracias, Silent crusader,
You’ve been a constant companion
You spark my thoughts to go deeper
That they form a challenged rebellion.

You live at shadows that are shaded,
As the one with as many names as you like
But with words that’ll never be faded
In every post, you take readers on a hike.

Until later 🙂


Ajay Kontham at The Shaded Shadows has generously awarded me The Creative Blogger award

Creative Blogger

As I told him, I do not know if I deserve it as the supply of my creative juices are very limited. However, I receive this award with thanks as there is nothing more inspiring and boosting to a blogger than a compliment 🙂

Here goes the process (Ajay has made it as simple as possible and I thank him for that) And as usual, I do not stress that bloggers whom I nominate should take up the process but that’s what makes the award more fun. So it’s up to you people who wanna keep it running.

1. Thank the blogger and Link back to the blog.
2. a. Three things about yourself
b. Two things People don’t know about you.
c. One thing you want to change about yourself.
3. Answer the questions asked by the blogger.
4. Nominate this award to the deserving blogs. Pass it on.
5. Ask some questions to the bloggers who got nominated.
6. Inform the bloggers about their award.

Here’s my take:

1. – Thank you Ajay, once again!

2. a. 3 things about myself:
i. Sleep and Food are the things that I can’t give up and hence the resolution to lose some weight goes down the drain.
ii. I love colorful and shiny stuff. In any supermarket, I get attracted to the kids section as they are so colorful and lovely.
iii. I love music, books, nature and myself 😛

b. 2 things people don’t know about you:
i. Call me silly, but I love doing documentation. Many would consider writing emails, proof-reading stuff for friends to be monotonous and irritating work, but not me. I love those kind of things. I am wondering if I should have made a career out of that. (If you are a keen observer, you would have figured out by the way I write posts ;))
ii. I have emotional flares. Any emotion will come and go like the waves. Good or Bad – It won’t stay for too long.

c. 1 thing you want to change about yourself:
i. Obsession over things. I don’t let go easily. If I could do that, I would be happier.

3. Questions by Ajay:

What is the one word that comes to your mind when you hear the following words/phrases? (Make it like a rapid fire round – Mention the first word that strikes you! And if you make if fast, it would be cool.)

a. World-Reboot
b. Life – Love
c. Awards – Happy
d. School – Memories
e. Love – Life
f. Books – Awesome
g. Death – Peace
h. Work – Confused
i. Sports – Swimming
j. (Your Name) – Unique
k. Dog – Cute
l. Parents – Family
m. My Blog (as in Ajay’s blog) – Variety
n. Chocolates – Yummy
o. Me/The Author/Ajay – Different

4. Nominate some bloggers. Pass it on. I have tried to nominate a few of my favourite reads and at the same time who have not been nominated already. Here goes:

Maithz at On such story
Visha at Zack and Me
Vinati at Mirage
Uma at My Musings
Soumya at Life of Leo
Shreya at Life Unlimited
Smita at Pages From, Diary of a Lost Girl
Blahblaholic at Teenage Babblings and Tales of her and by her
Phatichar at Malignant humor in my head

5. I am competing with Ajay to make this easy. 😛 So here is my one task to the bloggers I nominated:

‘Beauty’ – Write whatever comes to your mind about this word. It could be just another word which will describe it best or it could be another post in full detail. Anything. Any number of word(s).

Hope I have outrun Ajay in making it easier 😛

6. On it immediately after publishing this post.

Until later,
Keirthana 🙂

The journey to the hundredth

Here is the century of little pieces that I have written as posts, starting from my college final year days till now. A little of this and a little of that. Starting out as an amateur girl who writes about the silly incidents that she faced at her internship to the girl who has discovered some depths of reading and writing and is able to relate to it better than before.

This blog has been an incredible friend, teacher in my life so far. The best thing that this blog has taught me is to do things because I like to do and not because someone else likes to. I know I never write much of a post on any current affairs or a similar genre. My posts always were personal, a little expression of my feelings, musings etc and some abstract thoughts penned down that helped me see certain things clearer. It was different that my posts were not targeted for an audience but I just told myself that I will write what I want to even if it is crap. Eventually blogging fed my desire to become a better writer and I am thankful for that.

It taught me that becoming a better writer is what matters and getting published is just an extra bonus because that’s how my heart looks at it. I have moved around my blog so much before finally settling here and have been on breaks that never seemed to end. But I have always come back to this space. This is my wonder-world where I always come back. I thank all the readers who have supported me unflinchingly, pouring in their thoughts that have made many of my best days 🙂 This blog has been a better friend than I initially thought it would be. Supporting my pace and enabling  me for more. It has been a kindle to nurture my passion for the language.

This journey to the hundredth post has been fun even if it was slow. And with this hundredth, I have promised myself not to force myself to write just because it has been a while since I posted anything. I will write because I feel like doing so. I have done this in the past too, but I admit, there has been times when I blogged because I wanted to bridge the gap. And I am going to stop doing that. That just doesn’t feel right. Hope my fellow bloggers will agree as I know for a fact that they too feel that writing should not be imposed.

Lastly, I have finally been welcomed into the warm extended arms of the Bangalore city. Settling down is taking its toll but it comes with the package. The happiness has not ebbed out fully and I am enjoying this 2nd chance at a little something called life 🙂 With that last note and a thank you for your support, I leave you now. I will come back to start the journey to the 2nd century and so will you, if you liked my 1st century 😉

Until later 🙂

Here is to you..

I have been awarded The Versatile blogger by Smita. For a moment I was literally like :-O. No amount of words could explain my expression. My mind caught up a few minutes later and started its jubilant celebration. So after excessive appropriate amounts of grinning, jumping on the bed, running around the room and punching the air, here I am to thank the lovely girl who gave it to me and to pass it on to other versatile bloggers.

Thanks a ton Smita,

Your award has made my day! Having been in a low tide, nothing has managed to cheer me up for a while now. You achieved it with this award. There are not enough words to convey how much this means to me. Being the first award and all 🙂 So I am just ending it up with a thank you.

Now let me get to work with the rules that come with this award:

  • Nominate 15 Fellow Bloggers.
  • Inform the Bloggers of their nomination.
  • Share 7 random things about yourself.
  • Thank the Blogger who nominated you.
  • Add the Versatile Blog Award picture to your blog post.

Here are the nominations and the explanations (I have done it slightly off the track). Dear bloggers, if you have received this award already, you can pass it on to 1 other blogger who would have to follow the entire process and keep the chain going.

Sumitra: Simple and subtle, yet Sumi manages to reach my heart with every post of hers. She is a role-model figure for me in blogger world. I am really happy to award her the versatile blogger award.

Khushboo Wadhwani: More popularly known as Paanipuri Lover, this girl has kept me awestruck many a times with her posts brimming with energy.

Atrocious Scribblings: As atrocious as his scribblings may be, this guy gives me a feeling that he is one of the few sane-minded guys out there. I don’t know what makes me say it, but that’s what I think of him.

DIGS: This dragon colors not only her life purple, but all her buddies’ lives too. 🙂 Daring is the word that comes to my mind when I think of her.

PeeVee: Priyanka is one of the bloggers whose archives I will dig again and again and read every single post with the same thrill when I read them the first time. Though she has been awarded already with this award, I want to do justice to the award by giving it to her.

Spaceman Spiff: Again, the same goes to Spaceman. She had already been given the award by a few bloggers. Yet, if I miss out Spaceman, it would be doing the award a great injustice. Spaceman Spiff is the blogger who made me realize what blogging actually means.

Vinati: Mirage as she is, she often comes up with short posts that keep me pondering for a while.I have tried reading between her lines and have come up with beautiful interpretations of my own apart from what is read generally. Shortly to say, Vi makes me think 🙂

Kalpak: I seriously contemplated skipping Kalpak for this award 😛 The reason is he rocks in humor and hence every post of his will overflow with his humor sense. But having read a few serious posts of him here and there, I know what an awesome blogger he is. I request him to accept this award 😛

Nags: Nags’ posts have always been a pleasant read for me. I learnt what a Vignette is from her and I should say she writes the most awesome Vignettes. I wish she could write more often.

Vijitha: Vijitha’s blog is like the book that I want to read forever. Her blog talks to me in a way that no other blog does. I wish she too could write more often.

I wanted to end it with 10 bloggers since the blogs to which I am an audience are limited due to my limited time and resolution not to over-indulge, but I thought of a different way. As for the last 5 people, they are no longer regular bloggers. Once agile, they have gone their own paths and have not written anything much recently. I am exempting them from having to follow the rules of this award, but they can do the process if they wish. They are  the first of a few bloggers I ever read. I remember awaiting their posts so eagerly amidst final-year project, reviews and exams. I cannot wish more that they find the time, energy and motivation to write again and more.

Ashwin: He still posts interesting things in his life. I have been a silent admirer of his posts all my college days. Thinking back, I do not know why I never commented on his blog though I loved every one of his posts.

Siddharth: Incessantly insane guy that he is, he started blogging just to make use of his excessive free time. He called himself an amateur blogger, but no one could hardly believe it. Right from the first post to the last one he wrote, he simply rocked. His about-me page is the most creative self-intro I have ever seen. He was an instant hit for he had a knack for hitting up on controversial topics and write on them as if he owned them. He robbed the sleep of many Sachin fans with his “Sachin is God and I am an Atheist” claim. Simply to say, I have never read another blog like his.

Poorni: Poorni’s blog is a private one that is a version 2.0 of her diary. She is an awesome writer and I have read one particular post of her more than 5 times. I wish she could write a public blog for the talent she has, but everyone has their own choices, don’t they? 😉

Abinaya: None plays so well with the words as Abi does. One of the few who made me think beyond simple narration.

Vineeth: I owe Vineeth a big one since I chanced upon Spaceman Spiff’s blog through his. And that was the beginning of a new opening. His unabridged version of life gives you a colorful cocktail of this and that.

As for the 7 random things about me:

1. I wish I would become a worthy writer.

2. I have a tendency of over-indulgence which over the years, I have reduced a bit but I still have a long way to go.

3. I love puppies but I refuse to go near them since they scare my wits out of me.

4. I see God in helping hands than in decorated temples.

5. I have a very different interpretation of worldly things which is hard to put in words.

6. I love appreciation.

7. I am a person whom many misunderstand, underestimate, overestimate. Only a few get me for what I am and accept me as such.

Until later 🙂

P.S: Since Sumitra suggested that I write more of Hyderabad, I am thinking of writing a short series about Hyderabad life which will cover a little of the vast city based on how I know it. What do you think about it? Will you be interested?


Exactly 2 years back, I got a friend. A bestie who stays with me and within me, till date. She has been with me since then, no matter what. There is a lot we share that this space is not enough to tell. The day we met was her birthday, for she was born from within me. She changed a lot over these 2 years, but she remained the same to me, because it was I who made her go through all those changes and for her own good. Today, our friendship remains a bond that is and always will be cherished. I found life in her, when I hit rock bottom. When I was down, eating my confidence, thinking that I am not doing anything useful with my life, she gave me hope and told me that every one will be good at something, however small it may be. And that each person is unique.

Enough of the cryptic lines. Yes, it is the birthday of my blog. Actually I was confused when to celebrate Blogoversary, because my writing started out as Alohomora @ Blogger, then moved to WordPress, then to my “.cc” domain and finally hit the stop at keirthana.in. Quite a lot of changes, I know. I lost a few readers down the way, but at the same time gained a few. But then, December 14,2009 was the day I decided to write. To write for myself. And hence I decided that it is the birthday of my blog, no matter how many phase shifts she has been through.

In 2 years, I have not written as much as I could have because of various reasons, but today I promise that I will be a regular writer (I cannot be a daily writer, that has never been my style). I have become a regular writer since a few moths back and till day I have written quite a few posts – a few crappy ones, a few good ones and a few that indeed surprised me if it was I who wrote them. Today, blogging is being one of my obsessions and I am trying to bring it down to passion, because being obsessed, with anything for that matter, has done no good to me. This is not a post to celebrate a grand blogoversary, writing about all that I did and do in this space. Rather I want to say a simple Thank You to my blog for reflecting me and my thoughts, a Thank You to all the readers who think my writing is good enough for their time, a Thank You to all those wonderful fellow bloggers, who motivated me to write more and finally a Thank You to myself.

Happy Birthday to you, my undefined friend! And Thank You!
Thank You, my dear readers! You mean a lot to me, more than you can imagine 🙂
Thanks You fellow bloggers! You all are awesome writers and motivate me by every passing day. 🙂
Thank You dear self, for discovering one thing that makes yourself happy 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S: For some strange reason, I felt a simple post would suffice for the Blogoversary. This is unusual because I used to be a person who makes a grand celebration out of any small thing. But now, I did what I felt like doing. 🙂

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