I clutched at my heart, feeling the pain
Helpless, my silent scream rent the air
Of course, the evil will get their share
But right now, my tears fall as rain.

What insane mind could think like this?
Alas! I can’t act sooner, I thought
Against my binding shackles I fought,
My beseeching voice came out a hiss!

I did my job well, what went wrong?
Stop the madness, stop the sin!
How can you hurt your own kin?
Can’t they hear my forlorn song?

Turn them into smoldering ashes, I will
Waiting for my turn to fulfill my task
I’ll make sure they get their ask
For my karma is incomplete and still

May my children find the strength, I bless
For that’s all is in my power now
I know, Time will make evil bow
Until then, erase your scars & start afresh!

This is the cry of God that rents the air every time a human sins, but sadly we are too deaf to hear it. They shall pay, they all shall pay for every single sin. Karma WILL balance things out. This write-up is dedicated to the 6 year-old survivor of the atrocious crime at VIBGYOR school, Bangalore and many more such souls who experience unspeakable and immeasurable pain at the hands of evil roaming around on earth. I cannot for the life of me process how such people exist and how they are even capable of such thought process but apparently they do. It sucks that I can’t do anything useful than to sit back and write a dedication. It sucks that these things still keep happening one after other with no reaction whatsoever other than a few weeks of media hype. It sucks that these things leave us not wanting a girl child for the sake of her safety.

Let my daughter be unborn instead of having to face this. Gone are the days when people didn’t want a girl child because of their belief that a girl child means expense and no support to parents. These are days when we don’t want a girl child for the fear of animals living in concrete jungles. We don’t want her to set foot in this broken world which is polluted by jackals that prey on us. Every time a girl steps out of her home, fear rips her parents’ hearts and hers whether she will come back safe.

Every case of abuse is backfired at the victim, stating that she was out past 10 at night and she was wearing provocative clothes and such other attempts to save one’s ass from fire. I ask those lousy loose-tongued sickos, What crime did this 6 year-old do? Was she out past 10 at night? Was she wearing provocative clothes? Hell, at her age where nothing but innocence prevails, she would not even know what has happened to her! Her little mind would be asking only one question over and over – What’s happening to me? Does any of us have an answer? Does any of us have a justification for what she had to and has to go through at this age? Can any of us heal the scars that she bears even before she learned what’s the meaning of the word ‘scar’? If this is how it is going to be, then I wish that the world be turned into ashes. This world is too broken to be fixed. Let everything be wiped out and started anew. Let’s see if humans remain humans on their second chance!

Not really wishing for an until later,