I recently discovered that there a concept called Vignette in literature. My curiosity was aroused because the tool I am working with at office is also called Vignette. So I thought, “Well, it doesn’t hurt to give this a try” and here it is. I am not sure if it is good or even if I have written a Vignette. But, well, this is my blog and where else can I post my feeble attempts at writing 🙂 😛


Real Beauty

She hurriedly stepped inside her Mercedes and nudged her husband to get the car going. The rain had started splattering on the window harshly. The rain had already made her saree wet and she felt that her carefully done make-up had been smudged. Irritated at the rain, she took her compact from her handbag. She was suddenly flooded with the thoughts of her past, for no reason. It was a hard time then, without even being able to afford 3 meals a day.But back then, she was that innocent girl who thought that humanity existed in every human.She had thought that in this world, help would be given to those who asked for it. She learned that she was wrong and that she learned it the hard way. She no longer believed that helping others is a concept in this inhumane world. She had been taught by her experiences that much.

She was shaken out of her reverie by the knocking on her car window. A little girl was begging for money. The car had stopped at the signal. The water drops had stopped. The constant knocking on her window irritated her. She had stopped helping, the day she realised that the world is full of nothing but just cold-hearted robots. After a few more knocks, the little girl gave up and went to a man on the two-wheeler nearby, who dropped off a ten rupee note on the tiny palm of the girl. The girls little brown eyes turned wide at the sight of ten rupees. She watched the little girl run to the tiny shed beside the bus stand and call out to all her friends. All of them started shouting with joy and headed towards the tea shop. They got some brown buns that were hardly enough for all of them. Yet there they were, munching on the buns happily, taking turns in having a bite, feeding each other. Something stirred inside her. She looked down at the unopened compact in her hand. She put it inside, stepped out of her car and headed towards the little ones at the tea shop. The water drops started falling,again.


Until later 🙂