A wise man once told me “A writer should always be impartial” and that got me thinking. Are we really impartial? We have our own spaces to write what we want and we have to admit that sometimes emotions climb up to the top priority and not the check on the bias in thoughts. I would be lying if I say all the posts I write are impartial. The perspective does creep in a bit now and then. As for me, being impartial is the mark of a great writer. To reach there, one needs a lot of shaping, tinkering and chiseling to be done to the way we think.

There are two kinds of writing – the one where we possess words and dictate their flow and the one where words possess us and dictate the flow of our thoughts. Perspective creeps into both forms although it comes through the former way more than the latter.

Possession over words comes with great thinking and effort. We dictate how we want to convey what we think. We refine every word to show or hide what is portrayed before our vision. The feeling of complete command over what is written is good but it never gets as ecstatic as the next form. When the words possess us, the feeling is inexplicable. It is as if we are taken for a roller coaster ride, thoughts come screaming out, we don’t bother how the writing would be received, we just write. Nothing else. Just write. And when we do that, nothing else matters.

Such is the power of words, that they dance to your tune and make you dance to their tune. When the chords sync, your heart is filled with joy.  I would say writing is an experience everyone must try at some level. Any level at which you are comfortable with. Be it a diary or a blog or a journal or a published book. Give it a try. Let your thoughts shape up. When you see the final picture, irrespective of how others think, there will be light in your heart.

Until later 🙂