This post is dedicated to all those who answered the infinite why’s from all directions and owned up to their life decisions. May more people make the choice to answer than to succumb wordlessly. Why? Because I want to. Why? Because I like it. Why? Because I choose to. Why? Just because I can. Why? […]


The two characters that immediately come to my mind when you say storm are Storm from X-Men and Daenerys from A Song of Ice and Fire. Storm can be interpreted in many ways – rage, frustration, struggle, confusion, supernatural and so on. But to interpret Storm as a woman’s strength is something that excites me, […]


A light fragrance in the air, and A feeling of hands running through my hair, Reminding me of you and your memory A time capsule, buried deep in me. Like a ghost from the past, Every memory of you is a blast. But there’s no pain in me Or my memories, none at all. When […]