As I was all excited about staying on my own in Bangalore,it wasn’t as much as I expected.Being in a PG was good for one fact that you had no work to do once you are back from office.So I did nothing in the evenings except for watching movies.However,as time passed,I ran out of movies and had to be too idle to feel good.On the other hand,lack of internet facility strangled me.I thought the PG life would be like hostel life,but a lot of such differences reminded me that I was wrong.So to keep myself engaged,I started baby-sitting for the 10 months old kid of the house-owner 🙂 Not to complain,I had a lot of fun in managing that kid(Hats off to all mothers,it isn’t quite easy).I didn’t roam much during weekends because I know if I go out for shopping,I wouldn’t have a penny in my wallet when I return.Such is my nature(I inherited that from my dad,I think :P).Coming to the food,it was not too good or too bad-Always manageable.Also,the birthday party of the house owner added to one of the celebrations.Except for these,my PG stay was too normal for my excitement.