I think, therefore I write

A very fine day :)

Finally, I have broadband connection in my laptop!!!

Today is a day defined totally by memorable experiences:


Lunch with friends at a mall+

The place we chose to eat had a perfect view of the hussain sagar lake with Lord Buddha standing majestically in the centre+

Language comedies on the return trip.

So today-Perfect!!!!

Until later 🙂


  1. L. Guruprasad

    Ha I love that view of Buddha! I will visit Hussain Sagar lake for that view when I get a chance to visit Hyderabad

  2. Sathish

    still blogging eh? u do find time?
    (naan romba busy athanala than blog eluthuvathillai nu implicit meaning ellam onnnum illa :P)

  3. Keirthana

    @Size: Yup 🙂 I started blogging since I have a passion to write. So I will do it as long I find it interesting to record my incidents. That’s the reason this blog doesn’t have much posts on general issues 🙂 And i guess some of u guys started just to enjoy what’s there in it 🙂 So no wonders in u guys leaving it in the middle 🙂 😉

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