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Sophisticated celebration!

My previous post, The Woes of a share-auto traveller has been picked up for BlogAdda’s Spicy Saturday Picks.

Now that I have informed you about it in the most sophisticated manner, let me get back to normal and react honestly!

My post! My post! My post got picked up!
Haaaaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaahaaaaaaaa… Hehehehehehehehehehehe…
I have never felt this happy!!!!!
New year’s eve and I am already gifted with this.. 🙂 🙂
Does this mean that this year’s gonna be awesome? Should I take it as a sign? 😀 😀

Haan, now that is out of my system, I am back to my sophistication (ahem.. ahem..) in thanking all the readers and fellow bloggers, without whose encouragement, I would not be thinking of writing more and more 🙂 Thank you People!

Until later 🙂

P.S: This is my first ever recognition on a public platform. So sorry for the drama 😉

The woes of a share-auto traveller

Hey people,

Hope you had a merry Christmas and wishing you a Happy New Year in advance 🙂 Everyone is in the holiday mood and blogging seems to be downstream except for a few posts here and there. Anyway nothing has changed in my life. If you wanna know what exactly is happening in my life, I can tell you – “When you expect something to happen, it seems like your life is on a pause button and time is taking its own time to give you what you want. But, when you love doing something, time just spins on its wheels” That’s exactly what’s happening to me. My life seems to be in pause mode.

Enough digression! Being in Hyderabad for the past year and having used share-autos for commuting to office daily, I have come to observe and learn the tactics needed to travel in a share-auto, which by the way is a more popular mode of commute than the local buses themselves. So here are some interesting almost life-changing things that might happen to you if you travel regularly by share-auto.

By share-auto, I do not mean the big ones which can accommodate 8 people. It is just the normal auto used as a circus show-off carrying more than it can. The share-auto drivers are self-assumed kings of the world and will have fixed destinations. They will run their auto to and from their destinations without a single passenger but will not think of changing their route to another one even if there are mobs of people waiting for a transport in a different route. Once you spot a share-auto, yell out the place where you wish to go to. If he finds you right, he is likely to stop the racing auto 10 feet forward from where you stand and look back, else he will just speed off.

Next, they have fixed rates. Either accept and get in or it is just get out. You cannot tell him that just the day before you paid 10 bucks and it is unfair that he is charging 20 bucks today. This rule applies especially when the never-ending recurring T-strike is on.

Suppose that it is your lucky day and you get a share-auto within few minutes of wait, make sure to hop in as quickly as possible, else you will find yourself face-down on the road, for the drivers will have an estimated instinctive time-limit before they start the auto. They won’t look back to make sure that you got in, if that’s what you were expecting. And if you are waiting for a share-auto and so are 10 others, prepare yourself to be a street rat and fight your way. If you prefer to be the docile type, call up your manager and apply for leave and go home.

Once you are inside the share-auto, hang on to the side bars for your dear life. The auto will race light and win the race! It will slide through all gaps available rocking back and forth, with its passengers juggled mercilessly. You will actually feel that you can fly. Women folks, be wise and choose the corner seat if there are guys in the back seat. Use one hand to hang on to the auto and one hand to defend yourself, else pervey perversons will show what they are capable of. This sad thing still happens.

And guys, you are cursed for life to be hanging only from the front seat along with the driver. Even if you come first and wait in the share-auto for an hour, you won’t get a reasonable seat to place yourself on if there are more than 2 girl-travelers. Be it pouring rain or scorching heat, you have to just accept it. Sometimes 4 guys including the driver will sit in the front and 3 passengers behind happen. Though I can’t say if the driver is really sitting and driving the auto, in such cases. He might as well be pressing random levers at the end of his foot and driving the auto by instinct. But, if you want to reach office on time wading through layers of traffic, you cannot put your mind through all that.

Image Courtesy: http://www.shatabdigaurav.com

And when you want the driver to stop at a place, yell “stop” 10 feet before the place actually comes to save on the walking time. And one universal rule, if you are in a real hurry for a meeting, just hire a direct auto and go. Else, you will have to wait in the auto until it fills up and overflows with people and by the time you reach, you will definitely be late.

Even with all this, you need a lot of luck for reaching your place safely without your heart popping out of your mouth. So, take care and good luck!

Until later 🙂


Today morning I had a rather dull start and I was seeking some motivation to move on. I was digging my mailbox for something useful or something interesting and I found out a thread of conversation that I had among some best friends of mine in college, a few months back. It brought back memories and I got too nostalgic and penned down the below words. I just meant to write what I felt but it came out in the form of verses and I just went along. It is not exactly a poem, but just a feeling that came out this way. It might be a bit raw, like a child’s attempt at poetry. Still I felt that it was special because what caused this was special. So here it is, I dedicate it to all my friends.

Bored was her heart, seeking a new start,

The day seemed long and dull; she was searching for a lull,

She hit upon an old conversation with her friends in her mailbox,

As she read it, she was washed over by a wave of nostalgia,

All the fun they had, the teasing charade,

The family tree, movie-spree,

The non-stop assignments that became friends’ consignments,

All they did was to bunk classes and eat junk food at the hostel,

Yet those days are dear and the laughter was still ringing for her to hear,

The silly fights and the patch-up times, always had them laughing later like a wind-chime,

To think of all those now, seemed like a bygone fairytale,

All that is left now is the memories and slam book memoirs,

And a never-ending song in her heart.

Until later 🙂

P.S : I don’t know what’s with me and the color Cyan. I seem to be liking it more and more by each passing day, that I want to see it everywhere and use it everywhere. Is it because winter is here and I have always associated any shade of blue to winter?

2 songs and 1 photo

Hey all,

The last post of this challenge. I took a while to complete this and the monotony started getting on my nerves. Well, I blame it on the lack of time. Anyway, I am yet to write the discussion post at DOV too and should come up with some posts for my blog and DOV. But, Ms.Muse has just politely excused herself and taken a long vacation. Let us see if she returns to save me in good time.

Now over to the 2 songs that I love,

1. Tum se hi from Jab We Met

This song soothes me every time I hear it. It just strikes the right chord every time in my heart.

The second song should ideally be “I’ll be there for you-The Remambrandts”. But I decided to go beyond the obvious and choose,

2. Give me some sunshine from 3 idiots.

Each time I hear this song, I sing along from my heart. It’s not like I was not given opportunities, just that I didn’t use them well, those which came along. I have learnt to live with everything’s-for-the-best policy, but at times I feel that I have a strong urge to just set a few things right in the past and hence I would love another chance to grow up and if I am given another chance, I would do it right. Just right. Still, there’s no way anyone is gonna get another chance at life. All the If only’s and But’s stay until the very end. Regrets are not the way to solve problems and I know it 🙂 So, cheers!

Over to the one photo of myself, I am gonna disappoint you here. I am gonna put up the pic that I have as my profile pic for all my online accounts. So nothing new. It is just that this photo was clicked recently and I seem candidly happy in that. It’s been a while since I smiled like that 🙂 A candid smile. So, here I am:

Pheww!! The challenge is done 🙂 And by the way, how does my blog look? After a long time, I got the right theme, the right pics, the right widgets and the right colors. Most of all the right spark. Thanks to Sumitra for inspiring me to do this 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S : Tried embedding the songs’ videos as such from youtube. For some strange reason, I am not able to control the height and width of them and so just listed them in words.

3 films

3 films.. How I wish I could list all the animation movies under one name.. Okay okay, don’t look at me that way. I am not gonna cheat. I will list only 3 films knowing fully well that the other films are going to be mad at me.

1. Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi

2. Tangled

3. Cutting Edge

There you go! I will end the post soon, else my fingers will succumb to their reflexes and add the other films that I love, to the list.

Until later 🙂

P.S: Watched Breaking Dawn and I would say the movie has done justice to the book, unlike Harry Potter movies.

P.P.S: I want to finish off the challenge soon and write something of a different genre. The monotony is getting to me. Just 2 more challenges to go!!

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