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Exactly 2 years back, I got a friend. A bestie who stays with me and within me, till date. She has been with me since then, no matter what. There is a lot we share that this space is not enough to tell. The day we met was her birthday, for she was born from within me. She changed a lot over these 2 years, but she remained the same to me, because it was I who made her go through all those changes and for her own good. Today, our friendship remains a bond that is and always will be cherished. I found life in her, when I hit rock bottom. When I was down, eating my confidence, thinking that I am not doing anything useful with my life, she gave me hope and told me that every one will be good at something, however small it may be. And that each person is unique.

Enough of the cryptic lines. Yes, it is the birthday of my blog. Actually I was confused when to celebrate Blogoversary, because my writing started out as Alohomora @ Blogger, then moved to WordPress, then to my “.cc” domain and finally hit the stop at Quite a lot of changes, I know. I lost a few readers down the way, but at the same time gained a few. But then, December 14,2009 was the day I decided to write. To write for myself. And hence I decided that it is the birthday of my blog, no matter how many phase shifts she has been through.

In 2 years, I have not written as much as I could have because of various reasons, but today I promise that I will be a regular writer (I cannot be a daily writer, that has never been my style). I have become a regular writer since a few moths back and till day I have written quite a few posts – a few crappy ones, a few good ones and a few that indeed surprised me if it was I who wrote them. Today, blogging is being one of my obsessions and I am trying to bring it down to passion, because being obsessed, with anything for that matter, has done no good to me. This is not a post to celebrate a grand blogoversary, writing about all that I did and do in this space. Rather I want to say a simple Thank You to my blog for reflecting me and my thoughts, a Thank You to all the readers who think my writing is good enough for their time, a Thank You to all those wonderful fellow bloggers, who motivated me to write more and finally a Thank You to myself.

Happy Birthday to you, my undefined friend! And Thank You!
Thank You, my dear readers! You mean a lot to me, more than you can imagine 🙂
Thanks You fellow bloggers! You all are awesome writers and motivate me by every passing day. 🙂
Thank You dear self, for discovering one thing that makes yourself happy 🙂

Until later 🙂

P.S: For some strange reason, I felt a simple post would suffice for the Blogoversary. This is unusual because I used to be a person who makes a grand celebration out of any small thing. But now, I did what I felt like doing. 🙂

4 books

4 books!!! This post is reeeeeeeeaally gonna do great injustice to certain books that I have read, but don’t make it here just because of the number. I want to cheat and list all the lovely books that I have read, but I won’t since I promised you that I will be truthful throughout this challenge. Hmph! *Grumpily typing off 4 of  my favorite books*

1. Harry Potter : Seriously I cannot take the literal meaning of book and list only one of the seven parts. I love the story of the boy who lived. That ends it. I have read the story more than 20 times. After 20, I did not keep count. My reading habit started here, went around the world and is crazily rocking my life so badly that I have set off on the mission of a mini-library and still HP is my favorite and will remain to be.

2. Angels and Demons: This gripping book had me as captive on the day before my Biology board exam. Only after finishing this, did I start studying for the exam. And till now, the thrill vibrates in me throughout, till the last page of the book whenever I take it out for a bit of re-reading.

3. P.S I love you: The first book that I read, wanting to break my monotonous Rowling-Dan Brown-Sheldon circle. Till this book happened, I had read many books but never went out for a variety. I used to stick to known authors. Cecelia made me realize books have so many flavors and that I need to explore more. 🙂

4.  Master of the Game: Spanning across generations, this novel hit me with a bolt and I absolutely loved how the manipulation is put forth as the centre plot and yes, that’s what this world is. Manipulative.

I picked up 4 books from my earlier reading days. These 4 books still remain the same when I touched them the first time. After these, I have read a lot, ventured into Science fiction, fairytale reading, gripping thrillers and many more. To all of those books, this post is a great injustice. Somehow, I will try to make it up for this. I still have not gone into heavy reading. Certain books which I want to read, but not yet started for the fear that I will quit halfway through. I never leave a book unread, once I have started. Even if the book is not exactly my cup of tea. Leaving a book half-read is a crime. An unforgivable sin. So, I prepare myself before reading any book and make sure that I appreciate the good in it, no matter what.

Until later 🙂

5 foods

Aahaa! Idhu enga area, ulla varadha 😀 *Literally folding back my sleeves and start typing furiously* The 2 best things that can happen to you ever is food and sleep! Nothing else will make you feel as satisfying as these two. So here is to the 5 foods that I absolutely love,

1. Dosa: If you had read my earlier posts regularly, you would have seen Dosa’s guest appearance in the 9 loves post. Now is its main cast. I will die for Dosa. That too, when it is made by my mom with her special coconut chutney and Drumstick Sambar. There have been days when my family has seriously considered marrying me off to a man who works as a Dosa-Master or whoever makes those awesome tasty dosa in the restaurants.

2. Chat: I love chat items when it is prepared with the right amount of spices. Be it Paanipuri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri or Paav Bhaaji. Just make it right and you have got a fan.

3. Mushroom: The one thing on my eat-for-life list that is actually good for health. 😛

4. Home-made Gulab Jamun: When it comes to sweets, I am weird. I have restrictions not only on which sweet I eat, but also on when I eat and where it is made etc. Gulab Jamun-It has to be home-made. Jalebi- It has to have that sweet-sour jeera taste. Halwa- It has to be the Ashoka Halwa from the sweet shop near my home at Trichy. The list is just endless. Out of all these , I love home-made Gulab Jamun the most 🙂

5. Pizzas with extra cheese: I love pizzas which are spicy and are loaded with extra cheese. I cannot believe that every time I order a pizza, I order a cheese burst. Because, the first time I ate pizza (when I was around less than 10 yrs old), when I felt the taste of cheese on my tongue, I puked and now I never eat a pizza without extra cheese, which is also another reason I made pizzas once-in-a-while food and not a regular one.

Yummmmmmmmmy!! And that makes my tummy crave for these. Sigh! If only I could go home now… Dreaming away…

Until  later 🙂

6 Places

Home: 1 place where I always want to go back, no matter wherever I fly off to.

Paris: The so-called city of love. I do not know much about this city. But, it has been a desire to see this city and how it is special. On a second thought, I might want to see the whole of Europe,just like Paanipuri Lover. I have been dazed by the places the films shoot in Europe.

Kashmir: For the beauty that the pics don’t seem to capture enough.

North Pole: All the snow and cold makes me want to go there at least once. I know it will be awfully cold. Just want to have that been-there-done-that feeling once 😛

My wonderland: I cannot name this place because I do not know if it exists for real.But if it does, I want to be there and if possible, for life. 🙂 These are pics from the Kagaya arts collection. A place with such surroundings!! Will you ever want to get out of it?

Moon: Ok, now you can call me crazy. But yeah, I want to be there once and float around like those cool astronauts inside the spaceship. I am no astronaut and so if any of you out there are planning to be one, please keep this little (ahem, ahem :P) girl in mind.

And poor you! You thought I would name 6 simple cities and get done with it na? Nah! I am not that easy 😉

Until later 🙂

P.S: Will be going missing until this weekend,since I have a tad too many things on my plate. Please bear with me and I will be back for sure. 🙂 I will catch up with the remaining challenges at full speed once I am back 🙂 Please don’t write me off. 😉

Love is just love!

Originally written for DOV. Once I finished writing it, I felt very satisfied and full. So, wanted to record it here too 🙂

They were sitting on the stone bench on the park. “Love you” he said. “Me too” She said. They were lost in bliss. Time did not matter to them. Neither did the world around them. Lost in each other’s hugs, their smiles reached their eyes. Unlike those smiles that come when under the illusion that they are in love. Can you ever fall so much in love that you feel that your soul is no longer yours. Not your heart. Your soul. A single soul will no longer exist, rather an entwined strand that will glow in the darkest of time and also in the brightest of time too. Very few lucky people manage to find such a love.


Many have said, “Love is divine” and even more people have said, “Love is dark” and some have said, “Love is mystic”. But very few realize that love is just love. No adjective can do justice to it. The ones who realize this will never attach any undue description to it. No classification. No conditions. No expectations. If any of these are there, then it is not love. It is only a mirage that the mind chooses to see. Half of the people die believing this mirage to be true and the other half dies when they are hit by the realization that what they believed to be true and lasting was indeed a mirage. An illusion. Only a few exceptions escape the mist and see clearly.


Grey strands of hair and wrinkles decked their love. The couple seemed lost to the others in the park. A young man saw them and thought of approaching them to ask if they needed help. He had come to the park to calm himself down after a fight with his girl. Damn! He had resolved not to think of her again, at least for a while. He was so pissed off at the thought of her. So demanding and expecting she is, he thought to himself. Pushing the thoughts about her to a corner, her started towards the elderly couple to ask them if they wanted any help. As he neared them he saw that after all, they weren’t the ones who were lost and they weren’t the ones who needed help. The glow in their eyes seemed to be of a different kind, a different world.

He left without disturbing them.Without a word or even a look, the couple had managed to impart wisdom in him. From that day on, he kept returning to that park just to see them. To see that love emanating from them. The woman ran her hands through her mate’s hair softly smiling at him, as he lay on her lap looking deep into her eyes.

One day, they didn’t turn up. Nor did they, the day after. He went around, inquiring about them. Nobody knew who they were or where they lived.  Finally, a beggar who used to live in the corner of that park, guided him to a building on the opposite side of the road. It was an old age home. The place was so quiet. People moved about in slow motion, as if in a different world. He saw a lady helping an old man to his bed. He hesitantly approached her and inquired about the couple. She could not understand to whom he was referring to, because he had no names. And then after he described their looks and visits to the park, a knowing look came into her eyes. She asked him who he was and  how he knew them. By instinct, he answered honestly telling her all about how he ran into them and how he doubted if they knew him. He also pleaded her to allow him to visit them expressing his concern for them because in the past 6 months he had known them, they had never missed a day in the park.She asked him to follow her. He did, dutifully. She went across the road and inside the park. She silently pointed out to a piece of ground below the lone Gulmohar tree near the stone bench. “The place was their choice” she quietly told him. He went near the headstone that marked their place, apart from the red blossoms that the tree had bestowed upon them. As he slowly read the engraving that read “Born apart by destiny and lived together by choice. Love brought us together and we chose to let it do so. For Love is just love. Always.” tears made way to his eyes and down his cheeks. They were one of a kind and they had chosen this engraving for their headstone long back, she said. He nodded and left without a word. A part of him seemed lost and he knew where it went. Also he knew that the spot was a record for posterity. After all, love is just love!

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