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5 foods

Aahaa! Idhu enga area, ulla varadha 😀 *Literally folding back my sleeves and start typing furiously* The 2 best things that can happen to you ever is food and sleep! Nothing else will make you feel as satisfying as these two. So here is to the 5 foods that I absolutely love,

1. Dosa: If you had read my earlier posts regularly, you would have seen Dosa’s guest appearance in the 9 loves post. Now is its main cast. I will die for Dosa. That too, when it is made by my mom with her special coconut chutney and Drumstick Sambar. There have been days when my family has seriously considered marrying me off to a man who works as a Dosa-Master or whoever makes those awesome tasty dosa in the restaurants.

2. Chat: I love chat items when it is prepared with the right amount of spices. Be it Paanipuri, Sev Puri, Dahi Puri or Paav Bhaaji. Just make it right and you have got a fan.

3. Mushroom: The one thing on my eat-for-life list that is actually good for health. 😛

4. Home-made Gulab Jamun: When it comes to sweets, I am weird. I have restrictions not only on which sweet I eat, but also on when I eat and where it is made etc. Gulab Jamun-It has to be home-made. Jalebi- It has to have that sweet-sour jeera taste. Halwa- It has to be the Ashoka Halwa from the sweet shop near my home at Trichy. The list is just endless. Out of all these , I love home-made Gulab Jamun the most 🙂

5. Pizzas with extra cheese: I love pizzas which are spicy and are loaded with extra cheese. I cannot believe that every time I order a pizza, I order a cheese burst. Because, the first time I ate pizza (when I was around less than 10 yrs old), when I felt the taste of cheese on my tongue, I puked and now I never eat a pizza without extra cheese, which is also another reason I made pizzas once-in-a-while food and not a regular one.

Yummmmmmmmmy!! And that makes my tummy crave for these. Sigh! If only I could go home now… Dreaming away…

Until  later 🙂


  1. PeeVee™

    I like.
    Chat and cheesy pizzas feature on my list too!

    And foodie toh main hoon hi:P

  2. Spaceman Spiff

    Everything on that list, except dosas, I.WANT.NOW!

    • keirthana

      Spaceman, you don’t like Dosas? 🙁 chal, koi nahi.. Btw, what’s your most favorite?

  3. Atrocious Scribblings

    I don’t eat to live, I live to eat; endha area’va irundhalum no problem. 😛

    I would kill to eat a dosa now, its been almost a year since I ate one. Eating multiple layer cheese pizzas once a week has become a regular affair for me, so much so that I`m sick of it.

    I`m actually surprised that you have mentioned Ashoka Halwa over Tirunelveli Halwa, it is simply out of the world.

    Good read, got me salivating :D.

    • keirthana

      Woohoo.. You too AS? 🙂 And poor you! No dosa? Here in Hyd, I get them but they are not as good as my mom’s.. Anyway I actually prefer Ashoka Halwa though I am a fan of Tirunelveli Halwa too 🙂

  4. Sumitra

    There’s a reason I didn’t do this challenge, and that was the 5 foods. Just five?? Only five?? C’est impossible!
    Keirthana, all the foods on your list, I love. I simply love. And that’s not the end of it. There are about 50 gazillion more. Hmm, I had to read this post just at dinner time. Now my stomach is rumbling like crazy. 🙁 All I have to eat tonight is bitter gourd. Mummyyyyy!

    Oh, Keirthana and Atrocious Scribblings: Please don’t kill me, but I do not see what the all the fuss is about Tirunelveli halwa.

    • keirthana

      It was sooo hard for me to name just these 5 Sumi… Everytime I typed up a dish, another one popped out and asked why not me.. Pretty much got exhausted in figuring out which to put up… But the next challenge is the real nightmare.. 4 books.. just 4??? 🙁 Am wrecking my head to find out a way..

      Bittergourd?? That is one vegetable I don’t seem to make peace with and eat it for once 🙁 And, Tirunelveli Halwa,tastes differ dear.. At times even I have felt that its too sweet.. so I take just a pinch at a time.. 🙂

  5. Guruprasad

    உள்ளேன் ஐயா

    • keirthana

      Eh? What does your attendance mean?

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