I have been recently doing a lot of blog-hopping and came across many wonderful blogs that made me feel so inspired and jealous at the same time. I spent a while on each of the newly added blogs to my blogroll and found them awesome. Actually, awesome is an understatement. I was inspired to try to write like that and at the same time my envy too peeped out a little. Anyway, the better person in me took over 🙂

This post is a letter from me to a person who was me, when I was almost 18, joining college. I got this idea from this post in this awesome blog.

Dear Past,

Do not heed to all those who are telling you what to study and where to study. Think for yourself and choose a path which you really want to.

College will seem fun and full of hopes. But, do not expect too much. It is better to face the good and bad as and when they come than to expect it and get disappointed.

Come out of your lazy shell and try something new, exciting. Find your passion. If you could not find any, create one.

Have a better stamina.

Do not worry way too much about what others think of you too much. Those who mind, won’t matter and those who matter, won’t mind.

Do not get too attached or too close to the wrong people. They end up hurting you anyway and present you with the greatest regrets of your life. To keep it simple, choose your circle carefully.

Give more respect to those who you know will always be there for you and never ever break the heart of your loved one. You will never forgive yourself even after your loved one did. That you did it unintentionally will never be an excuse.

Your close friend will misunderstand you. Just go up to the person and talk it out. Being quiet makes it just worse and will take a lot of time for the person to finally realize that you are actually not the person who did the mistake, or to get over it.

If you do not do the earlier 3 points properly, your life will be so messed up that you will have to entirely change yourself to heal all the wounds you caused within yourself and in others.

Enjoy your life at Coimbatore better. Go to places. Enjoy yourself to the best.

Get over your fear for Maths related subjects and just give Maths a chance.

Try harder to learn. Mind it. I am saying “to learn”, not “to study”.

Be strong. Wavering mentality never helps.

Use your training period at your company, well. You will wish that you had put those 3 months to better use.

You will be posted to Hyderabad. The city will not be as scary as you thought. It will be a good change in your life where you will mature a lot and learn a lot of life-lessons.

However, if you want to save yourself the pain of dragging a transfer out of your ever-evasive higher official, you might as well try to be stubborn at Chennai and get a posting at Bangalore at the first go. This choice, I leave it you. Because, either way will be good for you.

Learn cooking. Seriously. You will want to.

Always be positive. Don’t take everything as the be-all and end-all of life.

Life will be good, for whatever you lack, you definitely do not lack the ability to achieve anything if you put your mind to it.

With love,

Your Present.

Until later 🙂