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My missing senses

Don’t get the title wrong. I am still sane-minded enough to be around. This post is about a different kind of senses. I did not notice anything abnormal about myself until I grew up. But now, as my evil mind analyses and draws conclusions on every single thing that I do, I find out a lot about me – Some conclusions sane, some insane. It’s hard to escape my judging mind. And that’s one reason I can’t get over regrets soon enough.

So, back to the point, I have noticed that I miss certain senses that are easily classified as reflexes or at least common in most people. First of all, a sense of direction.  Explain a way to some place with just words; I am sure to get it wrong without any help from people on the road. Ask me how to drive to a  nearby town from my home-town, I wouldn’t know. I would rather tell you which bus to catch, where to get down and all that but never the direction in which you have to drive. I wouldn’t even know if that is within the range of a few kilometers. I am pretty sure that later on, in the future, if I decide to get somewhere by driving my car, I will get lost. I have always gawked in wonder at my uncles who drive their cars to different cities without even having to ask anyone on the road.

Direction                                 Image Courtesy:http://www.cartoonstock.com

Next will be my sense of balance. Irony is that my zodiac is Libra the symbol of which is balance scales. 😐 Though I am not the Bella type girl from Twilight saga, I do not have a pair of feet that would support me indulge in adventures like hiking, trekking and such fun stuff. I have always wanted to do these, but I know too well what will happen. I remember too well the one incident that made me realize that I am not a person of balanced feet. During the IV trip in first year of college, my friends climbed up a small mountain kind of thing for fun, rather than taking the normal road route. It seemed fun and I did it. I got to the top and then I couldn’t climb anymore because the path had become too steep. I felt that if I take a step up, then I would be rolling down in a matter of seconds. So, I decided to climb down the way I came up. Even that, I couldn’t. With each step I tried to take, I felt the steep ground giving away. To top it all, the strap of my sandal decided to give away at that exact moment. (I mentally made a note that I’d have to talk to Murphy and ask him not to be so biased towards me.) Frustrated with my vain attempts to climb up/down, my friend came up again and literally dragged me down. After this show in front of my whole class, I don’t think I will dare again to do such stuff. Adventure was not meant for me. 🙁

Balance                                 Image Courtesy: http://www.orbitalsounds.com/

 The next one cannot be exactly classified as sense, but I have suffered enough and am still suffering of it.  A sense of mathematics or rather analytical thinking. Ask me to think logically, creatively, innovatively – I will try and come up with something that is worth, to say the least. Ask me to think analytically and then I am at a loss and hence so are you. Even now, doing mental maths is a herculean task for me. I will rather ask someone by my side the sum of 242,897,323,9273 and 1545 or use a calculator. It is not laziness, I swear. By the time I finish doing this mentally, you could have had a little nap. Railway timing baffles me, Still. 🙁 I need time to think it out. Distance in units baffles me. People ask how far is my place from Hyderabad and I blink. I will say 18 hrs travel instead of 899 KM (I googled :P)If you say that so-and-so place is 40 KM from here, I wouldn’t know how long a drive it would be. If you ask, how many days is December 17, 2012 from now, you will have to go have your coffee and come back for answer.  I think you get my plight.

That's my style                                           Image Courtesy: http://3.bp.blogspot.com

Above image is my style, when it comes to Maths.

I am not sure if everyone goes through this. But, I have been with enough people to know that my brain is wired wrongly, at least in such aspects. So much, for being the daughter of a man who has an excellent sense of direction and a sister of a guy who absolutely shines at analytical thinking. I seriously think my bro took all the good stuff from my parents’ genes, being the first child. Hmph. 😐

Have you been always comfortable with all these stuff?

Until later 🙂


  1. Atrocious Scribblings

    Well all have our eccentricities don’t we and yours do not even border on craziness, So chill, relax and take a breather.

    I used to be like you in the math thingy when I was younger, ironic for an engineer to be saying that but it phased out as I grew up.

    Pardon me for saying this but as sexist as this is going to sound, I’ll still say it out loud; Ladies are not that good with directions. It is something that I’ve come to observe in my gal pals, sisters and my mother.

    At the end of it all; we are, what we are, right???

  2. Keirthana

    Thanks for your comforting comment 🙂 Yeah we all have our eccentricities and that’s a part of what we are.

    It took an engineering degree for me to realize my imbalance in Maths. And, as for your generalized comment, I am not sure. You may be or may not be right. Because I have seen some of my friends excelling in direction sense. Of course, they might have been exceptions 🙂

    Thanks for coming by. Be around. It means a lot 🙂

  3. Sumitra

    I suffer from every single thing that you’ve mentioned in your post. You are not alone! 😀

  4. keirthana

    Glad that I am not alone, Sumi 🙂

  5. paanipuri lover

    Yo! I finally followed your blog! *phew*
    It was tough yaar! Especially for a person like me, who can’t see things and can’t understand instructions clearly!

    Nice blog Keirthana, and did I tell you, I looouuuu you name! 😀

  6. Keirthana

    Yaaayy! Paanipuri Lover following my blog! I am soooo happy 🙂 And Thanks dear 🙂 You are the 2nd person complimenting my name, the 1st being Kalpak. (Yeah, I am keeping count 😛 )

  7. Chandana

    My sense of direction is not so bad. I was extremely bad at remembering routes but then I had to learn when I started driving my car.
    And sense of balance.. I am completely with you!!! I always say my feet walk in opposite directions.. they dont like each other! I bang my toes into everything in and out of their path and the no. of times i have twisted my ankle coz of heels… dont ask!!!

    p.s am finally following ur blog too!

  8. Keirthana

    Am so relieved to hear that there are others are there like me. I was under the impression that I have gone completely nuts.

    Thanks for following Chandana 🙂

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