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A little this and a little that..

Here I am again after umpteen thoughts about shutting the blog since I have gotten too busy or making it private or trying harder to blog more and all that jazz. Jeez, I could never decide when it comes to this space, I always feel like there is more to it. Whatever, I don’t seem to be able to decide on it, so I write when I write and that’s it.

My Dec 2012 has been like a toss in the tsunami, all the while me battling it with the little swimming skills that I have.

Made my first company switch. Had to go through the stress of it and frankly still struggling to settle in. Guess it will take its own time and hence gave up trying too hard.

Underwent Zyoptix surgery due to my dad’s compulsion and frankly, the post-surgery is a  little a lot annoying. I didn’t have any trouble with my specs but apparently my dad did and I thought -“OK, what the hell, it is just one day’s effort” I was proved wrong. The idiot that I am, I discussed about the surgery and the preparations for it with friends who had done it but never bothered about the post-surgery effort, which is a looooooooooooooooot. There are only so many eye drops your eyes can take. And yeah, I miss my specs. I keep touching the bridge of my nose in the pretext of adjusting my specs only to find that I no longer wear them. Jeez, now that it is over, I know I am crying over spilt milk but I want to be able to cry over that!

Secretly hoped that the world would end in one big flash but as usual life disappointed me 😛

Recently started watching Big bang theory and man, I am loving it. Being the F.R.I.E.N.D.S. fanatic that I am, I never thought I’d bring myself up to even try another sitcom but I’m glad that I did.

Totally pissed off with the government’s laid back attitude with regards to the crime against women but yeah this is the Indian government and who am I kidding? They will form their committees and take their time while the victims are left to die. Damn, this is why I wish world could just reboot and start over.

2012 held no promises for me and tortured me a lot, but in hindsight I gotta say, it taught me a lot, more than any other year has taught me. 2013 holds many promises but I do not want to get excited or hyper about it because my life has a deal with Murphy and they get along so well when it comes to annoying me.

Read the “The time of my life” by Cecelia Ahern and gotta say, the book rocked. It is a kind of book which you can put down to take a break, but you would not want to. And it made me laugh aloud when I had forgotten what laughter was. That and the big bang theory – I owe these both big time and of course to Cecelia Ahern and to the guy who introduced me to big bang theory 😉

Happy 2013 to all of you 🙂 Hoping for a miracle-a better world, but what’s wrong in hoping? 😉

That’s all I wanted to say and yeah, just one more thing-stick around 🙂

Until later 🙂


The title says all that I really wanna say because I am going on a holiday for a fortnight 🙂 The switch in companies is giving me a little something to enjoy. However, at the moment my mind is worried about a lot of things. It is resisting the change and hence am officially freaked out. The final settlements in my current company are keeping me on my toes. Man, it is really frustrating when you see the treatment you receive when you say you have decided to leave the organization. No responses for queries, No reply mails, No answer to calls. I was an employee for 2.5 years right? I know it is like this everywhere but the question is why is it like that? Nobody has an answer to that.

Anyway, I am trying my best to ignore the resistance that comes naturally as a part of any change. Going home and spending quality time with my family will definitely help, though will be missing my bro badly. Have a lot of stuff on the to-do list. Hoping to complete everything and come back with a freshened up spirit 🙂 Let us see 🙂

See all guys in about 2 weeks 🙂 Diwali wishes in advance since I won’t know if I will have much internet access at my home town, even more, not sure if I will have the time. Have fun, folks!

Until later 🙂

The Krishna Key – Review

As I had mentioned in my earlier post, of late, I find myself interested in mythology.  That’s the main reason I signed up for this book. Well, over to the review..

Image Courtesy: http://www.infoaboutbooks.com

Ashwin Sanghi has done a good job delivering a gripping book to the audience. Again. Having read his Chanakya’s Chant, I can say that much. This book is of the same genre under which Dan Brown’s books fall. Thriller? Yes. Worth a buy? Yes. Unique? Ummm.. I have to say no. It is just that though a book can be of the same genre with various best-sellers but when it has striking similarities that remind you of some other book at every turn, you tend to lose forget the author’s touch. It happens.

Let me elaborate:

The main characters in The Krishna Key:

1. The protagonist : Ravi Mohan Saini

2. The female counter-part (helping the protagonist as he tries to unmask the antagonist) : Priya

3. The tough police officer who is honest (no doubt there) but mistakes the protagonist due to evidences leading up to him : Radhika Singh

4. Then there is always the CBI 😉 : Sunil Garg

5. Antagonist: Taarak Vakil (His name also has a Dan Brown’s touch. Read the book to know more about this hint :P)

Ravi Mohan is on the run to prove that he is innocent and at the same time to decipher a seemingly-impossible set of clues to uncover a great mythological truth and at the same time to protect it.

Now, answer me? Too many similarities with Da Vinci Code? Yes. That’s what disturbed me the most about this book. Then again, I cannot just blow off Ashwin Sanghi’s effort by saying he has done a Dan Brown toned down to Indian tastes. He has done a great job in weaving the plot so that it keeps up with the pace. The book has twists and turns wherever necessary. Necessary in the sense that which is needed to keep the audience hooked. Nothing in excess and nothing in short.

I loved the way how certain explanations were re-quoted to bring in the emphasis and realization because otherwise, readers tend to miss certain awesome realizations since it has a lot of information to take in.

Also, i should appreciate the efforts of the author who has succeeded in presenting the right form of Indian mythology to the world. We all know that India was the source of knowledge for many unbelievable technologies/findings. But, how much do we really know? How much do we realize? Do we really grasp what a mother lode of knowledge and intellect we had so many years ago? And how that has all forgotten over times and now we sit here calling ourselves a developing country.

I applaud this book in the fact that it succeeds in making the readers scoot over to Google to check facts about our history that we never bothered to know more about. That in itself a big achievement for the book. It has made it’s point. So here is my rating, I would say it is a good book, worth a buy, worth reading more than once, but not one of it’s kind.

Until later 🙂

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The Shiva Trilogy

Last month, I bought the first 2 parts of the Shiva Trilogy – The immortals of Meluha and The secret of the Nagas ( Finally!) I had been getting mixed reviews about this set of books and I was also a bit skeptical because Mythology has mixed effects on me. However, once I started reading 1st part, I couldn’t put them down until I had finished both the books back to back.

The turns that the author – Amish Tripati has made the story to course through are captivating. The books were not the reflection of those mythical stories created/spread to induce some fear/discipline among the masses. The plot was based on such a simple concept – Those divine beings whom we call God (in various representations and by way of idolization) could have been normal human beings to start with. The choices they made through their life raised them up to a platform where they are worthy of being considered as the supreme force. After all, that’s what decides a human’s worth – one’s choices. Ain’t it?

Another baseline that mirrored my thoughts was that we consider certain things/people evil just because they are different from us. We fail to see that the differences are based on one’s own priorities/preferences and nothing to do with evil. Identifying the real evil and destroying it is the choice that a person has to make with tact and supreme will of the heart. This is what the Mahadev (Lord Shiva or Lord Rudra as we perceive today) had to do back then.

These concepts on which these books are based gave me something to think upon in this confused, most debated topic. If you are interested in exploring the depths of Indian myths, finding answers to deep-rooted questions about the way the idolization of gods evolved, you will find these books to be the right choice. People who use their religious/spiritual views to influence others or to look down on people must have a read and realize that all the scriptures defining the rules were formulated for a particular period and can be evolved for the good of the masses.

In a nutshell, these books are a really interesting read and gives something for the readers to chew upon and explore with their minds. I am eagerly waiting for the release of the last part – The oath of Vayuputras. Hope it will make as good a read as the previous 2 books and give some conclusions. 🙂

Until later 🙂

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