A light fragrance in the air, and A feeling of hands running through my hair, Reminding me of you and your memory A time capsule, buried deep in me. Like a ghost from the past, Every memory of you is a blast. But there’s no pain in me Or my memories, none at all. When […]

Abstract reality

There is so much more to you than I can explain. What do I say to people who ask me why you are so important to me? You just are. There are so many ways to explain us. But none of them make it to becoming words. That’s when I realize. It’s not about explaining. […]

Love vs Ego

One particular episode of the debate show “Neeya Naana” in Star Vijay TV is the reason behind this post. The debate was between a section of parents and daughters who disagreed over love marriage. The reasons of the disagreement were many, but there were some shocking revelations to me. There was one parent who was […]

Two sides

People who love to stay indoors will never get the thrill of adventures that have stories to tell, memories to sell and that rush of blood about exploring new things and places. And people who love travelling will never get the peace that arises in being content about that one moment to just be where […]

A mindless ritual

Image Source: Pinterest So many reasons to give up, but She chooses to stay every time. All the while she fears, oh, how she fears, The inevitable fear that the moment, When the reasons to stay will tempt her, To give up, to say, enough is enough. A smile, a kiss, a brush of hair, […]