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How can I not?

To the best mom ever,

Here comes another day to remind us
Just how lucky we are to have you in our lives
It is not just our childhood you brightenedamma
But our entire life is a gift from you
With every sacrifice you made, you gifted us smiles
You made our lives easier with every step you took
Never once did you mind, nor did you mention
The dry, peeling and itchy skin on your palms
Or the black rings that covered your under-eyes
The cracks on your heel never mattered to you
Neither did the sleep you lost for the last 3 decades
Our smiles are always enough for you
Our dreams are your dreams and
Our achievements, your pride!
I have always been an agnostic
Questioning multiple religions and idols
But today I realized that I do believe in God,
How can I not? When I see you everyday…

Happy birthday ma!

Your Keirthu and Kirubha

Until later 🙂

Woman of the house

*This post is inspired by my mom and this advertisement. A lot of people don’t give due credits for the woman of the house. I am not taking up the feminist card and talking here. In fact,I see a lot of women discarding the duties of a house saying that they have better things to do. A lot of people ask me when I can afford a maid, why won’t I hire one? My reply is that I don’t need one. This is in no way a feminist post. I am not going there now. I wrote this by observing my mom and extrapolating a few of my ideas. This one is for her, the woman of our house*


I am a woman, a proud one at that. People judge me for various reasons, I don’t care. I have a family that loves me and I devote my life for them. Some of my friends don’t get me, why I should take up the typical household work instead of engaging a maid. I have my reasons. I have my situations. Moreover, what’s wrong in doing the chores when you can. I agree that I may not be that pretty woman with manicured nails and make-up intact. I am that woman who you never gave a second glance or maybe you did, only because she looked funny trying to balance her two-wheeler loaded with grocery shopping for the home she is making.

I am that woman who makes a house into a home. You can see me being tired but you can never see me sit down for that. My only thought throughout is I must take care of my health becaue only then I can take care of my husband and kids. My hands are rough and dry with all the work, sometimes they crack. But I have no time to pamper them, I let them be. They get used to it and rough hands speak of my life with pride. They speak of my love for the family. I understand independence and am protective about it but that doesn’t mean I can ignore the things I should be doing. It’s not something that I took up because the society says it’s a woman’s job but because only I can.

At work, there are a lot of men I compete with. They don’t get why I work so hard, but neither do they get that I have to work so hard to balance my work and personal life and still reach the heights I deserve. Society is biased a lot of times, but I don’t have time to crib when there are things to be done. I do my bit and keep trudging forward. There’s still a lot of gender bias in the society. But I know things don’t change by words and placards. They change by actions. I prove in action to the world that I am no less a person, the world would look back. I will make it so.

A lot of people who see me doing everything ask me mockingly, “So, you are the man of the house?”. I proudly reply, “No, I’m even better. I’m the woman of the house.”


Until later 🙂

To the missing day!

This post is a toast to the day that comes every 4 years and an awesome guy who was born on that day in 1984!

To the best bro in the world,

As every non-leap-year February ends, I am confused of how and when to wish you a happy birthday. It doesn’t feel like your birthday. Feb 28 is not your birthday nor is March 1. Your day is as special as you – the 29th of Feb. Mom has told me that she was in labor almost 1 full day when she gave birth to you. She was admitted to hospital on Feb 28 but you made her wait until the next day 😉 To be born on that special day that comes only every four years on calendar. Remember how I used to nag mom about why she did not give birth to me on such a special day? 🙂

It was so much fun growing up with you. Remember how we used to play tag in the lengthy halls of our monumental home? The piggy back rides you used to offer in exchange for me not telling on you.. All those snacks you tricked me into sharing with you after having finished your share already.. All those running around to avoid beatings from mom after our fights – Actually, it was you running around and me getting caught! All those sneak sessions when we steal snacks from where mom had hidden them. All those crazy nick names and funny faces you came up with to annoy me. Those days when you were crazy about Rajinikanth – specially his film ‘Basha’. Remember when you used to yell ‘Basha!!!’ (imitating the background score of the movie) all of a sudden and cause me and mom to jump up?

Pestering grandpa for the macaroons that he buys specially for us (well, actually you! I always had the feeling that you were grandpa’s favorite.) was yet another pass time. He used to take only you to the movies, while I wail my lungs out refusing all explanations from mom that I am too young to go to the movies. The school days when you used to feel awkward acknowledging that you had a little sister to look after! Well, you were in that adolescent age when your friends’ opinions mattered more and you feared they might tease you for some or the other thing that I do 😛 Remember how you tried to teach me Maths and I would nod along every time even though I didn’t understand a word? That went well until you asked me to solve a problem after teaching me once and my pretense went down the drain.

As if in return, you used to be stiff about English and I got through English exams so easily. Dad used to tease you saying that when you prepared for the English exam, even Shakespeare would come down from the skies to help you. You used to shout your lungs out that much in the process of learning ‘The Merchant of Venice’. Remember how many hundreds of times you recited that one sentence ‘I watched more carefully that time where the second arrow fell’? How much ever I tried, I could never forget that sentence in my life 😛

I always wonder how you got off dad’s hook and I got caught every single time. Any time we do some mischief together, dad’s entry would be just after you finished it. Seeing you do it, I would have just started to try it out – Bam! Dad would enter, I would get the scolding and you would do the smirking!

I don’t remember the day we stopped fighting, do you? I guess the transition was phased out, maybe as you went off to college. You used to come home once a while and we didn’t have enough time to even catch up on each others’ lives and slowly fighting was off the list. During your college days, you used to have different interests every time you came home. It was singing (read yelling :P), then dancing, then gym, then something else… But the bottom line was whatever thing it was you were experimenting I was always the patient audience (also the experimental rat :P) for your shows. I still remember that day when you showed me how a dance step was done in a certain movie and when mom entered the room suddenly, you immediately sat down cross-legged and started pretending as if you were doing nothing! I was/am your confidante always and I am proud of it! 😛 You used to tell stories about your college life while I pressed your legs. You owe me many one rupee coins for those leg-pressing sessions, you cheater! 😛 How naïve and silly of me to think of getting a one rupee from you in return for pressing your legs.

We have always had a different relationship unlike most brothers and sisters. We never wished each other properly on occasions, never got each other surprise gifts. We would just have a hard time mumbling ‘Happy Birthday’ to each other. And when the whole world goes crazy around Raksha Bandan, we don’t even wish each other and the greatest part is we both don’t think we need a specific day to protect our bond. Remember that day when I went off to college? As per family tradition, I got blessings from all the elders of our home and dad asked me to get from you too. Though awkward, I tried to touch your feet and get blessings (for the sake of dad’s peace) and you jumped up and down as if you had seen a rat. 😛 Formalities are just not for us! We can just be ourselves around each other without all these.

Ahhhh… To remember all these, it gives an elated feeling. I could go on writing. No amount of words would be enough to finish writing about you. Happy Birthday Anna! I have to wait 2 more years to wish you on your actual birth date! 😛

Hope this long mushy post makes up for all the 24 years that I have known you!  Wishing you a happy birthday as you finish 29 successful years. Wish you get all that you dream for in life. You are the best bro in the world!


I am posting after 23:59 hrs and before 00:00 hrs, the closest I can get – somewhere between 23:59 hrs of 28th Feb and 00:00 hrs of 1st March lies hidden, my bro’s birthday for this year 🙂

Until later,
Keirthana 🙂

Dearest Daddy

To the man who lived, lives and will live spending more time for the family than for him.

To the man who has brought up 2 children in the best way he can.

To the man who never thinks of buying so much as a new suit for himself on his birthday.

To the man who fights with me just to make me understand that he wants the best for me.

To the man who fights with me when I am home and secretly misses me when I am not home.

To the man who watched me grow and start taking my own decisions, all the while torn between wanting to correct me and at the same time letting me learn life’s lessons as they were meant to be.

To the man who wants his daughter as bold and confident as he is.

To the man who was going through all the emotions when his children stepped out on their own, but still kept silent for their own good.

To the man who shouldered all the responsibilities for the big family, keeping it intact as his ancestors had done.

To the man who put behind his dream of owning a house until he is about to retire, for the sake of the family.

To the man who works 3 shifts circulating weekly, resulting in a messed up biological clock and yet never complained once.

To the man who gave me enough lifts and pushes when I needed them the most and is still doing the same.

To the man who has the dreams of his children in his eyes.

To the man who believes in me, even when I don’t.

To the man who keeps on making the world a better place for us to live, by each passing day.

Happy Birthday, Daddy. I know all that you did, do and will do will bring me nothing but the best. You are the best daddy in the world. I am so proud of you and hope that I could make you feel the same about me.

Friends :)

True friendship is when you can just sit beside your friend, remain silent for a long time and take leave with the satisfaction of having had a long conversation. There will be so many friends for each of us. But, some succeed to leave their footprints in our sands of time, forever. I have had wonderful friends with me till this day. Out of my many good friends, there are 4 who are my best (Others, please don’t take anything offensive, since the list is too big to start even). They never deserted me in any situation,even when I was on the wrong side and they made me realize a lot of things. This post is an attempt to pay a tribute to them in my own way.

Guruprasad@Aditya- The one who is with me since we met during KG days, till now (Only that, in the later stages of our lives, we decided to turn the bond into a lifetime partnership. However, that doesn’t stop him from being my friend :P). The one who knows more about me, than I myself know.The one guy, who bore all my tortures, who always goes out of the way to mend things for me, who chooses the best things for me, even if it’s not exactly the best for him . The one, who taught me not to support anything just because I like it and not to criticize anything just because I don’t like it. The one who is ready to fight with anyone (I mean the word “Anyone”) just to prevent them from hurting me (There has often been times, when he fights with me to prevent myself from hurting me, by taking a wrong decision).This list about him will go on endlessly. One post or one paragraph will be a very feeble attempt to describe our friendship. In the future, I might (might not) even write a book on us. (He is now at Bangalore to explore his career path).

Venkatakrishnan- A mutual friend to me and Guru, always wishing the best for us. Whatever happens, this guy is one who will always remain the same and be by our side. The one who is always there to advise us when in confusion, tease us when we are stupid, smile when we are happy and to be sad when we are so. In short words, he is the “Legal adviser” for me and Guru. I always quote him as “Gem of a person” meaning a nice person and sometimes abbreviating “Ginger eating monkey”:P This idiot studied the same crap that I did, in UG, but managed to be more knowledgeable than me at the end of 4 years and hence has decided to pursue M.S in the same stream. He is gonna be off to USA in a few days 🙁

Rathi Kannan Munukur- The one who made my college life much more enjoyable than it actually would have been. We both are so different yet so similar (yeah, that’s the way we are). We are so close, however we never influence each other. An appropriate example for us would be the parallel railway tracks. She inculcated so many values in me, without me knowing it (For example, I was never the kind of a person to have a second thought about dropping  a waste paper or a water bottle on the road. I don’t know till now, when I changed. However, I can say that the reason is Rathi) Her friendship is one of the treasures I got in this life and now she is already off to do her M.S.  🙁

Ramya- The one who spent the shortest time with me among all friends, yet had a great impact. I have never called this idiot just by her name. It will always be either a dog or a buffalo or a pig or at the least Ramya suffixed with any the before mentioned words. We both are so alike in character that we started to try finding “Six differences” between us. We found a few, but all of those were with respect to food preferences and nothing else. This idiot will complete whatever sentence I start and then will complain that I never let her tell anything. She is the proud recipient of  maximum number of pinches, beatings etc from me. The one who is an expert in Aptitude solving and literature skills but never accepts that she is. After having accompanied me in my craziest dreams about having “twin-houses” in Bangalore and some similar stuff, she is now working so hard at Bangalore that she couldn’t even talk to me properly 🙁

Now, all of these idiots (though I won’t call Rathi an idiot ;)) are not with me now physically, I am thinking of them every single day and am missing them very badly (It’s not that I don’t miss other friends of mine who have made a difference in my life).Thanks to all my friends and special thanks to the readers for bearing with such a long post.

Until later 🙂

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