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The lone tear drop

Mudra closed her eyes, a vain attempt to make the tears go the other way round. But she has never succeeded much,either way a lone tear drop cascades through her cheeks that were like pleasant plains and ended near her honey-dew lips. What a life it is, or rather was! She believed that she had no regrets, but memories plenty. It was beautiful, no one could disagree. But now? Everything in the house, every movement in the air, every existence around her reminded her of Rithvik. Her soul mate, or so she had believed. Even today, it felt too real to comprehend and too much an illusion to shrug off. Rithvik… The sound of his name on her lips strung a lot of chords in her. As each of them struck, she would just melt a little bit more.

Was it her fault for wanting to pursue something he couldn’t? Or was it his fault that he had his family depending on him much that he cannot think of moving? Was it their fault that they knew this would become a problem yet wanted to enjoy what they had as long as they had it? Sometimes life happens, they say! No, life does not just happen. It strikes with a deadly blow giving you choices that you cannot refuse and making you choose the one choice that you feared. The same happened to her and she did what life made her do. Bidding him goodbye, she packed her heart along with her bags and flew where her wings took her. He picked up the pieces of his heart and tried to put it in one piece. Like it or not, he had to live with it. And so he did.


She thought it was for the best.  Then why does that lone tear drop make way from her eyes every night as the silence in her apartment engulfs her? Will time change it all? Or will love triumph it all? The one question that none of us have an answer to. Life makes us do a lot of things. In the end, all that matters are our priorities. That set right, they won’t give you regrets. They might give you scars in the passing but not lasting regrets!

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The Promise

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

He stood confused in front of the huge open walled-cabinet filled with all his favorite drinks.
“Don’t do it, she won’t like it if she knew you started drinking” his heart chided him.
“She left me, I no longer care about her” his mind retaliated.
After a long look at the cabinet, he turned his back and walked out to reconcile with his wife.
Just because you’re mad at someone, it doesn’t mean you stop loving them.

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He didn’t want to be a paper-weight in her life, curbing her from flying. He wanted her to fly even if it meant that she has to leave him. She didn’t want to fly without him, she wanted him to weigh her down. She wanted him to keep her grounded even if it meant sacrifice.

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Because it’s the only way…

As she acknowledged the pain in her heart, she wondered how much more were left. She thought that she was over the whole thing. Well, her heart said otherwise. Wanting something so much and getting it too is a wonderful feeling. She was over the clouds when she got the opportunity that would make her passion come alive. However, what it offered did not meet her needs, let alone wants. She was torn between life’s needs and her heart’s wants. She couldn’t brush either aside. While she felt that while given the chance, she also felt that it underestimated her worth. The confusion was too much but she knew the only way is through it and not away from it. Just like the water hole that blocks your path when all you have is that path you are on. So she decided to close her eyes and wade through the pain and let it go, because if it was meant to be, she would get her fair share.

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Life’s wheels

I looked at Ria with worry as she sat at her desk isolating herself from the world. The head of the orphanage had warned us about her withdrawn nature. Ever since we adopted her, I have been trying to connect to her in some way but reached an impasse with every attempt I made.

I tiptoed behind her to check what she was doing and saw the painting she was working on, actually replicating the cannon I had sketched for the memorial museum. As I admired her intricate lines around the cannon’s wheel, I smiled at how life’s wheels had taken me to the bridge that’d connect me with her.

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