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The Promise

Copyright – Marie Gail Stratford

He stood confused in front of the huge open walled-cabinet filled with all his favorite drinks.
“Don’t do it, she won’t like it if she knew you started drinking” his heart chided him.
“She left me, I no longer care about her” his mind retaliated.
After a long look at the cabinet, he turned his back and walked out to reconcile with his wife.
Just because you’re mad at someone, it doesn’t mean you stop loving them.

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Life’s wheels

I looked at Ria with worry as she sat at her desk isolating herself from the world. The head of the orphanage had warned us about her withdrawn nature. Ever since we adopted her, I have been trying to connect to her in some way but reached an impasse with every attempt I made.

I tiptoed behind her to check what she was doing and saw the painting she was working on, actually replicating the cannon I had sketched for the memorial museum. As I admired her intricate lines around the cannon’s wheel, I smiled at how life’s wheels had taken me to the bridge that’d connect me with her.

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Old pages of an abandoned book

Sara took a deep breath as she flipped through the yellowed pages of the book. Strangely she felt nothing but a void in her heart while her head clouded with memories of those happy times, when her dad would read out to her from that very book every night.

It was all fine until the day when he abandoned her mom and her for another woman and her daughter. Suddenly they had become old pages of an abandoned book.

She looked at the newspaper clipping of the “other” family, which had died in an accident. Or was it an accident?

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