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The great Indian system

We are all part of a glorious Indian system which is full of eccentricities that never bother us. Here’s a snapshot of how my day started today – a measured dose of an average Indian, especially a Banglorean’s life.

I had to go to the post office to collect my Smart card turned RC book. It usually comes to your doorstep by post. So why you had to go, you ask? Here’s why! The post-woman is new to her job and hence doesn’t know how to reach my home and hence calls me up yesterday. She asks me directions which I give her as clear as a crystal since my home is easily reachable from the prominent bus stop. But, for reasons known to her, she decides she cannot follow my directions and gets stuck in one of the umpteen cross roads in the locality which she entered from the route which was nowhere close to the directions I gave her. And she calls me up and tells me that she is new to her job and hence she cannot locate my home and hence I would have to come to the post office to collect it.

Hit 1- Is it my problem that she is new to her job and hence cannot do it properly?  Okay, on a humanitarian basis, I pitied her. I have had my fair share of struggles when I am new to a job. And that’s exactly why I gave her clear directions from the bus stop which she claimed she is aware of and offered my help to guide her till my home on call as she proceeds through the route I say.

Hit 2- She decides she will not follow my directions but instead get stuck up somewhere and hence she wouldn’t be able to deliver my post. Okay, even now it’s me who’s gonna get affected if I don’t collect my RC book/Smart card. So I told her I will collect it at the post office at 11  AM today.

Hit 3- She says she won’t be there at the post office at 11 AM and gives me an appointment window of 8 AM to 10 AM to come and collect it. With great patience, I accept thinking if she has to leave for delivering posts, what can she do? I knew I had to rush to the PO at 8 in the morning and then rush to office to attend my status call. This would totally ruin my plan of delivering my vehicle for service and travel by bus but then again, I need to get the job done.

Hit 4- Even though I called her up in the morning and confirmed that she will be there by 8.15 and that there will be no undue delay, when I reached the PO with a buffer at 8.30, she was not there yet. I had to wait for another half an hour. With this obvious test to my patience reaching its limits, I swooped on her once she set her feet into the PO and got my post. That’s when I noticed there were others waiting for her since she didn’t deliver their posts either due to lack of knowledge about the locality.

Had I known Kannada and if I didn’t have a status call to attend at 9.30 AM, she would have gotten an earful about why we are suffering because she cannot do her job properly.

Now comes the specific Banglorean part: While returning to office, I had to take a shortcut to avoid the (in)famous traffic of Bangalore so that I can reach office in time. And I had to be a part of the tunnel traffic near K R Puram. This tunnel traffic is a very talented bunch of two-wheelers riders who navigate their way through a tunnel which was originally built for flow of water. I had already been initiated into this cult by my hubby since there is no way to reach home soon if we refuse. The stunt performed by us, the tunnel traffic members is that we need to swarm like bees in and out of the small tunnel which is barely 5 feet height and 4 feet wide. There will be a 100 vehicles blocking the tunnel on either side and ironically trying to go through the tunnel  at the same time. After a lot of bullying, circus tricks, catching your breath and your heart jumping to your mouth moments, you will come out of the tunnel and fly off as free birds. If you are in Bangalore and if you travel on the old madras road turning into Whitefield ITPL road, you must at least watch this spectacle once if you don’t have enough zeal to take part in it. I highly doubt if guts to volunteer for the stunt is the issue because I thought I lacked it but I ended up becoming part of the prestigious cult. Indian life molds you that way. There is just one rule here: Survive. There’s absolutely no regard for anything else. There is no necessity too.

You can talk about changing the system like Rahul Gandhi but that will exactly be an answer like his. It won’t solve the problem, it won’t even have relevance. It will just remain a theoretical answer that is told to keep up the hope that there is still some possibility, some faith. I still believe in miracles since I don’t want to give up totally. But I am an average Indian, I am not ready to sit around waiting for one, because if I do that I will be run over by other Indians who race by in the survival of the fittest. If it comes, it’s God’s grace. Acceptance seems to glow as a better option than change. If the transport system/traffic is worse, learn to accept it and mend your driving ways. If the government sector is bad in service, do what it takes to get the job done. If there is no safety for women, ask the women not to step out after 6 in the evening. If there is no approval for your building construction, set aside money to pay the government when in trouble and continue with your construction full of deviations. These are the solutions provided to us. Actually ‘solutions’ is a wrong word to denote them. They are just evolutionary defensive mechanisms people develop to survive. These situations which should be rooted out are given the status of a question of survival and we respond so. Everyone’s living amidst these glaring circumstances. My life is full of them and so is yours.

This might cause a raise of voices accusing me of being typical by just talking with no action. Yes, I am just talking with no action. Because I have tried action where I could and it didn’t help. I have a family and I have ties. They are more important to me, I accept! It’s the same case with 99.9% of us. You can talk but deep down you will know that you have other priorities that you cannot shake off. You know that you too want to get your job done. Hats off to the select few who do try for a change, whether their efforts go in vain or not is an open debate which can go on forever.

Until later 🙂

P.S: This post was written out of peaks of frustration after many such experiences that taught me to survive.

P.P.S: Red Handed had written an awesome post on the glory of Indian roads which goes on some similar lines. I dug her archive for you, if you have not read it already, here it is.

P.P.P.S: I scourged Google for a pic of the tunnel traffic since I was so sure there would be one. Now I am kicking myself of not clicking one for you. It’s a must see spectacle.

The fallen (Maha)Bharat

I have always had a decent interest in epic stories and myths. Following that I started watching the Mahabharata show in Vijay TV which is obviously a dubbed version of a Hindi show. So far the traits portrayed in the show are Jealousy, Injustice in the pretext of morals, Caste discrimination, selfishness, treating women as mere tools for creating progeny for the kingdom, not appreciating or even trying to understand women and as if this is not enough, women considering the purpose of their lives to be marrying a king, give him a progeny and die serving their husband and most of all stupidity. I agree whatever is portrayed as Mahabharata in today’s world might not have been how it happened originally. The show is an utter disaster in spreading values till now. Only the Krishna snippets in between give something to think about genuinely.

Here are some samples and my feelings towards them:

1. Satyavati is shown to demand the right to be a queen and her children to be the heir to the throne. This causes Bhisma to take his famous vow of celibacy. This selfishness causes many a trouble in maintaining a king for the kingdom in the future. Not once has she regretted for causing this. What irritates me more is that a son throws away his life so that his dad who has lived his life to the fullest can marry the lady of his interest. I accept that love has no age but love is also unconditional, remember? If Satyavati really loved Shantanu, why does she keep demands? If Bhisma has not taken that vow, a lot of mishaps could have been avoided.

2. The way Dhritarashtra is shown to treat Gandhari for sacrificing her sight to share her husband’s world of darkness, for not being able to deliver children within 10 months is just disgusting. And what more, she does not have one regret against him treating her like that. I cannot explain how my blood boils on this portrayal. If this was how the royal men of that time were, I don’t even want to learn about them.

3. The niyoga method of producing an heir to the throne. If this is accepted, I feel that someone belonging to non-royal bloodline can also be chosen as a king based on merit and values.

These are just some of the many irritating depictions. Of course, even in the story line we know there are many aspects that are not so good. It’s the same case with the other epic stories too. They might be the original happenings or very far from them, I don’t know. However, if you are going to portray something as the epic story of our country, I would want to see the good side of it so that we learn something from it.

I would love to read the original version or close to original version of our epics to clean this mess created about this whole thing by distorted versions. So if anyone of you has any sources, I’d be grateful.

Until later 🙂

Double Standards

I was standing on the balcony of the plush apartments and stared at the amazing city that spread far and beyond. The sun was slowly going down painting the horizon skies a splash of orange and red. The tall buildings were a splendid sight displaying the grandeur and how much we have developed. I stood basking in that glorious sight.

Then I looked down.

There was a small slum by the side and a gutter was running down the side lane. The garbage was dumped in the empty land opposite to the slum. The road had no lanes and the traffic was heavy. People were driving without a damn about the traffic signal and rules. Some people were riding their 2 wheelers on the pavement. Kids were running across the street not caring to look out for vehicles.


This is nothing but a vignette written by me to express the irony of our nation. This concept has been nagging my mind for a long time.

And where are the haiku posts you ask? Well, knowing me you should be better off without asking. Anyway, the problem with me is I do not have strong-footed consistency in anything 😈 I look at one thing and get interested and halfway I jump to another thing! I am not saying I won’t write them anymore. (Ajay – You have some consistency man!) I still love the challenge of writing  haiku but I will not confine myself to that. Also, my eyes fell upon this other challenge called A-Z challenge wherein you write a post on any topic but in the alphabetical order. I might also take it up and then again, I might jump ship :mrgreen:

Until later 🙂

Women from home to house????

With all the due hype, women’s bill has been passed in the Rajya sabha! Having to be born in the female part of the society, my say on this is “This is yet another bullshit from the politicians to gather up some attention and the impression that they have done something for the women”.What I feel is, it is appropriate for the politicians to leave all these faking and do something really beneficiary for the country.My reason for this stand is the fact that if the society fully accepts that women are as much as capable as men without any sort of restraints, then it is equal to 50% reservation in any field.

The other face of the argument is as some claim “Have all women achievers so far,come up using such reservations?”, I accept that the answer is “No”.However, it cannot be denied that the number is comparatively less than the other half. The reason for this largely lies in the restrictions on women by the society (or the abuse and mockery that women have to face),even in this modern era.

So,what I say is “Leave the women be themselves. There is no need for any special reservation as if they are weaklings needing extra care and also there is no need for the abuse and mockery, when they try to come up, as if they know nothing”. Men and Women have been created as the two halves of mankind with all correct reasons and as the logic goes(I mean action-reaction, good-bad and all that stuff..). So treat others as you would want to be treated and that will be the day when something meaningful has been inculcated into us.

Quota needed?

I often wonder,why we need to have reservations for admissions in colleges.This has been a topic in many of the group discussions and debates and still there’s nothing that has happened. If a student has the talent,he will study well.Why reservations? These reservations were made during Ambedkar’s times for good causes. Now all those causes having died,the election benefactor reservation alone remains behind.It’s such a pity that many really talented people don’t get what they are entitled to,because of this.I got this college and course with a not-much cut-off of 276.something because of my quota reservation.My friend who was 277.something couldn’t even come near my college because he was categorized as forward class. At that time,I was not actually aware of this affecting so many people.Even if I had known,there wouldn’t have been much that I could have done.This reservation stuff and management seats in colleges and making education a business is disgusting.I feel there is no need for a student to buy his/her admission into college if he/she is really very interested in studying and hence no need for these reservations. Also,I think those who study just for the sake of completing UG,for the name of it don’t deserve the degree in the first place.Also it leads to the rapidly increasing number of engineering colleges in the state.When do we see a change? The question is hanging in mid-air.