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Women from home to house????

With all the due hype, women’s bill has been passed in the Rajya sabha! Having to be born in the female part of the society, my say on this is “This is yet another bullshit from the politicians to gather up some attention and the impression that they have done something for the women”.What I feel is, it is appropriate for the politicians to leave all these faking and do something really beneficiary for the country.My reason for this stand is the fact that if the society fully accepts that women are as much as capable as men without any sort of restraints, then it is equal to 50% reservation in any field.

The other face of the argument is as some claim “Have all women achievers so far,come up using such reservations?”, I accept that the answer is “No”.However, it cannot be denied that the number is comparatively less than the other half. The reason for this largely lies in the restrictions on women by the society (or the abuse and mockery that women have to face),even in this modern era.

So,what I say is “Leave the women be themselves. There is no need for any special reservation as if they are weaklings needing extra care and also there is no need for the abuse and mockery, when they try to come up, as if they know nothing”. Men and Women have been created as the two halves of mankind with all correct reasons and as the logic goes(I mean action-reaction, good-bad and all that stuff..). So treat others as you would want to be treated and that will be the day when something meaningful has been inculcated into us.


  1. Siddharth M

    This is a personal agenda of Ms. Sonia Gandhi and it is merely a poltical gimmick. I fear the far reaching implications of this bill.

    Consider this. 78 seats will have to be alloted for women in TN assembly elections. Now on what basis do you select these seats?

    A 20 year rotation system will be unfair on part of the males, who misses out the opportunity to contest an election, for no fault of theirs. A 5 or 10 year rotation system means, the candidates will know that they can’t contest the elections again. So, why bother workin for ppl?

    The Election Commission has an enormous task at hand and let’s c how they handle it!!!

  2. Keirthana

    Ya,that’s right.We keep on ranting about seeing a change in politics and end up discussing such gimmicks of those idiots. “Summa iruntha sanga oodhina” kadhaiya iruku. Let’s see what happens… That’s all is in our hands 😉

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