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Action Replay – March, April & May 2015

I cannot believe that I missed 2 months of action replay. Anyway better late than never. Moreover, the past 3 months have been in the same dimension for me.

March, April and May saw me working with new challenges at work. I was scared silly when I was given a very critical project to complete, 6 months into my new career path, but I am glad it happened. I learnt a lot in the process, tried the tips and tricks of the book, discovered some on my own and finally finished the task successfully. It was just an interim task but I was so happy to have done it seamlessly. And it got recognized and now I have been assigned to handle the same task full time. This requires a lot more patience, knowledge and niche skill. I am happy that I have a challenge that I love to confront and hope this it turns out for the good.

Apart from taking on work related challenges, furnishing our new flat has been eating into my time more with each passing day. Man, buying a new home and setting it up for living is no mean task. I can’t even imagine how people construct houses from scratch and set it up. Looking into every detail right from the wood to be used to the hinges and handles, going over the design time and again, supervising the work almost every day to make sure things are done the right way – it’s tiring but when it takes shape, it’s oddly satisfying. After all that hard work, it’s heartening to see the house take shape into our dream home. The bad thing in handling things by ourselves is that we get a lot of free advice, when to move in, what to do, how to do. While some of it are good suggestions, a lot of them are just, well, free advice with no logic whatsoever. So, I have made my mind to take in only the sensible ones and learn by experience. No matter what others say, I have decided that I will set up the house into a home – ready to live in and then move in. Going there and handling patch works is not something I have time for. I will rather take more time to finish all the works before I move in. So whatever others say, I am going to do this my way. Whether it works for me or not is something I am willing to learn by experience. So all the people who offer expert opinions on the entire process of buying a new home and moving in (some without even experiencing it themselves), please don’t. Just don’t.

There’s a lot you learn in life when you do things yourself and I have learnt that big time. That’s the most valuable lesson of my life in these 3 months. True indeed that sometimes, the monotony of handling a household, a hectic job and working for a new home gets to me. There have been times when I felt like I needed a break from everything. At such times, the inspiration and motivation that pushes me to get over this is my loving husband. Venting out to him and analyzing how I can prioritize my tasks helps a lot. Thanks to such wonderful husbands that women of this day are able to breathe a little easier in spite of our hectic schedules.

June’s here already and I can’t believe half of 2015 is gone. I am looking forward to a healthy and challenging part of the year where I get to fit my pieces of the puzzle. So far, the year’s been good and I am grateful for that. All I pray for going forward is the strength to handle anything and good health for us. The rest, I think I can handle. How was your half year? What do you expect this June?

Until later 🙂

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March : When we landed on earth

Here goes the month of March 2014, the second of the count-down towards our anniversary:


Dear Adit,

March was the month when we landed on earth after all the rides. We felt a little dizzy what with all the travel, settling down, visiting various relatives for the customary feast for the newly-wed, inviting them back etc. Slowly reality kicked in and we both got back to our jobs and fell into the routine. It was an eccentric experience for me I would say. I had never been the homely girl and to be a responsible wife running a household required me to tone down some of my madness 😉 Cooking for you was an awesome experience but I soon got bored because you ate anything that was edible. Your no-special-preferences to food and accommodating taste buds made it difficult for me to find out whether I am doing well in the kitchen. As for self feedback, I kept comparing my dishes with my mom’s and as a result everything tasted bad. Slowly, I started figuring out what dishes you favor subtly (although you do it on the sub-conscious level) and started getting a hang of it.

As for running the household, I was constantly getting into trouble. I cut my finger n number of times, touched hot things and got my skin scalded, hurt myself a lot while sweeping the house. All because of my clumsiness. You would pout and rush to aid me whenever I lose my balance and chide me for not being more careful. Well, dear hubby, your wife may be the clumsy duckling but a few cuts/burns are bound to happen for people who newly enter the role of a homemaker. So stop that pouting okay? 🙄 I still remember that day when I had cut my arm on the grill gate and I was more worried about how you would take it than about the pain that came with the wound. I am thankful that in the coming months, you understood my clumsiness and I got my sense of balance to normal at the very least 😛

Then came the news that my SIL is pregnant. I started hunting for baby names but we both never agreed on one name to suggest to my bro. Anyway we had lot of time in hand till November, so never mind. However, I wondered how on earth we are gonna pick out a name for our kid when its time, given our varied tastes.

We had a lot of fun since we had all the time in the world together and none to question us. :mrgreen: I started enjoying the alone time with you since, during our courtship days it was so hard to get some ‘us’ time without having to sneak around to even attend a phone call from you. We had a lot of firsts in spite of our long relationship and got to know new things about each other or at least got reminded of the things that we had overlooked. For example, you got to know how much of a bitch I was when it comes to organizing and cleaning and I got to know how much of a kid you were and that you need someone to take care of you always 😛

We got our wedding photo albums and remember how shocked we were when we saw some couple in wedding costume towards the end of our wedding video? It was a mess-up and thank god it was a repairable one. I was so mad at the photographer, after all the poses that he made us do, this is what he gives us! Anyway, you helped me get over that and we had a good laugh over it. The visit to Trichy for my best friend’s wedding was hampered by the scorching heat which neither of us were able to bear. 😳 That’s when I realized how incompatible with the town we have become after living in Bangalore for a few years.

Anyway March was a grounding month after the high that February was.

And did I tell you? I love you 😉




Until later 🙂